Kim Jong-UN is going to Russia at the invitation of Putin, and North Korea no longer wants to deal with Pompeo

The Russian President will meet with the DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN.

This was reported in the Kremlin today, April 18.

«At the invitation of Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the State Council of the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-UN will visit Russia on a visit in the second half of April», — stated in the message.

In turn on Thursday North Korea declared that it no longer wants to deal with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, adding that in the negotiations it must be replaced by someone more «Mature».

The official Agency KCNA quoted a senior official of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Kwon Jong Ghana. He warned that no one can predict the situation on the Korean Peninsula if the United States will not leave the «root cause», which forced North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

This statement was made shortly after North Korea announced that leader Kim Jong-UN watched the testing of a new tactical guided weapons, which, according to KCNA, has a «special flight mode» and «powerful warhead».

KCNA gave no details about the weapons, but «tactical» implies near, and ballistic long-range missiles, which were seen as a threat to the United States.

«I’m afraid that if Pompeo will again participate in the negotiations, they fail, — said the representative of the DPRK foreign Ministry. — Therefore, in case of resumption of dialogue with the United States, I would like that our dialogue partner was not Pompeo and the other people who are more careful and Mature in communication».