Mueller report: collusion with Russia is not identified (updated)

Today, April 18, will be published the report of spectracolor Robert Mueller.

On the eve of its transmission to Congress, U.S. attorney General William Barr spoke at a press conference.

Here are the main points mentioned by Barr in connection with the report of Muller.

Robert Mueller discussed 10 episodes associated with President trump and «obstruction».

«After there was no collusion with Russia, the report of the special Prosecutor considers the question, could certain actions of the President to be an obstacle for the investigation. The report highlights 10 episodes of probable obstruction (obstacles, failure investigations) involving the President, but no indictment is not extended».

Mueller and his team «investigated a number of linkages or contacts between officials of the campaign trump and individuals associated with the Russian government», but they found no evidence of collusion.
«Based on these contacts, the special Prosecutor found no conspiracy to violate U.S. laws,» said Barr.
He continued:
«This is the essence. After nearly two years of investigation, thousands of summonses and hundreds of orders and interrogations spectacular confirmed that the Russian government tried to carry out the intervention in the presidential elections in 2016, but did not find that the campaign of trump and other Americans colluded with the Russian Federation».