The mayor of the town in Arizona has declared a state of emergency due to the rising number of migrants

The mayor of Yuma (AZ), Republican Douglas Nichols, declared a state of emergency due to the large number of families of immigrant released from the custody of border patrol.

Nichols said that he had decided after the last 19 days of nearly 1,300 migrants have flooded his town, which is home to 95 thousand people. A state of emergency does not imply that would be allocated some additional funds to solving the problem, but it is a way to encourage the Federal government to help. The mayor asked to allocate the necessary resources from the Federal Agency for emergency management (FEMA).

Patrick Ptak, a spokesman of the Governor Arc of the Duchy, said that the office will consider a Declaration of emergency, as it reaches his Desk. According to the representative, the Governor works with local governments, nonprofit groups and Federal officials to maximize available resources.

Now, the city opened an emergency shelter for 150 people. According to Nichols, on Tuesday, April 16, at the shelter, there were already 200 immigrants, but their number will continue to grow.

In the border cities, the immigration authorities released a large number of immigrant families from Central America. About 100 thousand people crossed the border in March. According to forecasts, about one million immigrants will be in immigration jail to the end of the year.