The new York Senate will discuss the possibility of making the state a sanctuary for immigrants

The Senator from new York josé Serrano, Jr. (Bronx) put forward a plan for the granting of asylum in the state of illegal immigrants. The plan to turn new York into the state reserve for immigrants, laid on the table the head of the Senate Committee on Finance Liz Krueger, who supports the bill. In the case of its approval by state legislators, new York will join California and Connecticut in providing comprehensive protection to immigrants.

Jose Serrano said that the state needed to accept his offer, as the immigration detention staff ICE and other Federal authorities, deters illegal immigrants, and communicating with local police, causing some to avoid reporting crimes or avoid to cooperate with the investigation because of fear of being thrown out of the country. The initiators of the project hope that the democratic majority in the Senate will support them.

The new York Senate will discuss the possibility of making the state a sanctuary for Gobetz/CC

Caitlin Girouard, press Secretary Governor Andrew Cuomo, told the NY Post that the head of state is ready to reconsider any legislation to «protect immigrants in new York from reckless actions taken by ICE… He signed a decree banning arrests in all Executive bodies without a court order, and now he offered to prescribe their disposal in the legislation to apply to all public buildings.» Also, the state allocates this year additional funds for legal education among immigrants and ensuring their legal protection.

These decisions contradict the immigration policy conducted by the administration trump and aimed at preventing migration. Earlier it became known that the White house seriously considered the scenario of sending caravans of migrants from the Mexican border to the United States-reserves and in those States who most openly advocate for the rights including illegal immigrants. Were considered among the other California, Chicago and new York.