As voted by Ukrainians abroad: in the USA 73% of the votes for Poroshenko

Yesterday, April 22, in Ukraine held elections of the President. Of course, they will be included in the country’s history thanks to the unprecedented victory of a man who 4 months ago had nothing to do with politics — artistic Director and leader of the Studio «Quarter-95» Vladimir Zelensky.

At the moment, the Central election Commission has processed 99.86% of the vote in Ukraine and 100% abroad. For the first time in the history between the candidates was so great the gap: the future President was supported by 73.2 percent of citizens who reside in the territory of the country, and the current guarantor of Petro Poroshenko — 24.45%.

At the same time, the majority of Ukrainians abroad voted for still the incumbent. In particular, in the United States, a situation which is diametrically opposite the main results, i.e. 73.7% supported Poroshenko, and Zelensky voted only 22.6% of the voters. The largest percentage of the current President was among those who voted in the Consulate of San Francisco (85%) and the smallest in Chicago — 65%. In new York there were 75.1 per cent, and in Washington, at 73.4%.

According to the CEC, in most post-Soviet countries and in Eastern Europe the Ukrainians have preferred a novice in politics, but in Western Europe, USA and Canada — experienced politician.

Experts believe that the reason for this difference between the voting on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders that the people living in different information fields, as well as they have different economic and political priorities.

The former speaker of the OSCE in Ukraine Michael Bociurkiw convinced that Zelensky will be faced with serious challenges.

«It should be noted that one of the first items in the list of the new President will be the decision of the conflict with Russia in Eastern Ukraine and returning 24 sailors, captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait in November,» he said in his column on CNN.