Another attempt by trump to curb immigration: the U.S. President wants to make Americans reimburse the money for social benefits

Food stamps, Medicaid or Federal health insurance program children — for all this, you may have to pay by Americans who moved their relatives from abroad in the United States.

The US President Donald trump made a fresh attempt to curb immigration crisis. He ordered the government to enact a ten-year law, which was never fully implemented under bill Clinton in 1996. According to this document, the Americans, who are invited to the country of migrants who will bear the financial responsibility if they require social benefits from the state. To develop these rules the administration trump has 90 days.

«Financial sponsors who agree to provide financial support to a sponsored alien if the alien is applying or already receiving government benefits, would need to meet their obligations under the law,» trump said in the note issued by the White house yesterday, may 23.

Trump actively working to address the issue of immigration as part of his presidential campaign in 2020. According to the President, he and his administration are looking for new ways to ensure border security and the construction of a wall on the border of USA and Mexico.

«It’s a bad policy aimed at creating fear and confusion in immigrant communities, and another example of how the administration trump reduces our legal immigration system, further undermining the ability of our already broken system to function effectively,» said Todd Schulte, who heads proimmigration group

Previously, trump has repeatedly criticized what he calls «chain migration» — which, by the way, parents are the first lady has received a residence permit in the United States. According to the President, only educated and skilled immigrants should enter the country.