Dangerous liaisons: Epstein, trump and Clinton

Julie brown, a journalist for the Miami Herald, which reported extensively on the case of Epstein, said that «probably quite a few important and influential people now sweating like a pig». New accusations against pedophile billionaire raised a forgotten theme of the relationship of Epstein with the most important friends of his «black book»: a trump and Clinton.

«In those days, if you didn’t know trump didn’t Epstein you were a nobody,» said Alan Dershowitz.

Epstein «collected» influential and famous friends for many years. In his circle flashed the names of Sergey Brin, the British Prince Andrew, Professor Dershowitz, bill Clinton and the current President of Donald trump.

«I invest in people, whether in politics or science. This is what I do,» — said the billionaire.

Dangerous liaisons: Epstein, trump and ClintonEpstein had many influential friends including trump and Clinton. Among other well-known acquaintances of Epstein — Sergey Brin and Prince Andrew.Epstein and trump

Trump spoke with Epstein in the late 1980-ies. In 2002, the current President said in an interview:

«I know Jeff for fifteen years. Amazing guy. It is very fun. They say he likes beautiful women as much as I, and many of them — young».

What is known about the relationship of Epstein with trump:

In the media there is ample evidence that they communicated in the early 2000-ies.

  • In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the trump attended public events held by the billionaire
  • In November 2004, the President called Him at least twice, according to the data obtained from the Florida mansion
  • Epstein was the phone number of the trump, including an emergency contact number, room security, room in the car
  • Brother Epstein confirmed that he picked up trump on one of its planes from Florida to new York
  • Epstein was never a member, but nevertheless was a frequent visitor in the Florida club trump’s Mar-a-Lago. There is evidence that he was forbidden entry to the club because of the harassment to minors. When trump was banned from the club for Epstein is not clear, but presumably it happened in 2007 — several years later, after he was hired at Mar-a-Lago is the first girl for massage
  • Former presidential adviser Roger stone in his book «the War of the Clintons with women» wrote that trump has declined a lot of invitations Epstein on his private island and home to palm beach. After one day the tramp came back from Epstein, according to stone, he said: «the Pool was full of beautiful young girls. As well, I thought, that he allowed the neighborhood kids to use his pool».

After the billionaire was at the center of the trial and included in the lists of sex offenders, trump has distanced himself from a former friend — though there was a version that their gap is linked to financial disagreements. They are so fell out that Epstein even blamed trump for their problems with the police palm beach.

Before the start of the presidential campaign, trump has taken care to ensure that his quarrel with Epstein and the fact that he forbade him entrance to his club, became known. However, if the President tried to forget about what they know, Epstein, on the contrary, when occasion resembled that introduced Donald Melania. Spouses trump denied it.

In 2009, trump received a subpoena to testify in the case against Epstein. The lawyer says that the President was one of the few who agreed to talk and shared really useful information.

The only charge against trump for offences related to Epstein, has put forward an anonymous woman in 2016, saying that at the age of 13 years was raped by him at an Orgy organised by Epstein. There was no evidence of a crime, but the media suspected that the story was written, to draw attention on the eve of elections. In the end, the woman withdrew the claim, according to the lawyer, because of threats.

What trump says about Epstein

Speaking to reporters in the oval office, after the arrest in July of Epstein, the President said:

«I knew him as well as everything in palm beach. he said I had an argument with him, didn’t speak for 15 years. I wasn’t a fan of it».

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In 2001, the presidency of bill Clinton came to an end, but hardly the same can be said about his career. The former President was traveling around the world, engaged in philanthropy, struck up a useful acquaintance with the wealthy and celebrities, and most importantly — making money.

In the same article, NYMag, in which there is a famous quote trump about Epstein, you can find a laudatory review Clinton on then-acquaintance:

«Jeffrey is a very successful financier and a dedicated philanthropist with an excellent understanding of global markets and deep knowledge of the science of the twenty-first century.»

What is known about the relationship between Epstein and Clinton

According to Landon Thomas, Jr., at the time of the meeting, the former head of state was involved in the Epstein one thing: he had the plane.

In September they were formally introduced to each other — and soon Epstein and Clinton went on a tour of five African countries to support «democratic processes, the poor and HIV/AIDS.» The company was Kevin spacey and Chris Tucker.

Where one trip, there and several. Recently, official representatives of Clinton have confirmed that the then billionaire was a former President of the company three times during tours in Europe, Asia and — once again — Africa. Since then, they emphasize, men have almost completely stopped communicating and «not talking about 10 years.»

However, with the joint travels of Clinton and Epstein it was not so simple. Reports on flights, published by Gougaram in 2015, suggest that the former President had flown him at least a dozen times, and a year later Fox News reported that Clinton mentioned in the logs on the plane at least 26 times. Journalist Conchita Sarnoff claimed that together with the former President on Board were underage girls.

Representatives of the Clinton deny the application of Virginia isn’t that about what the former leader of the United States have been on a private island Epstein virgin Islands. Isn’t that, in turn, said that although he saw the ex-President, never joined with him in sexual relations and did not notice with any of the other girls.

What Clinton says about Epstein

Press Secretary bill Clinton issued a statement on 8 July:

President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes of Epstein, in which he was charged in Florida a few years ago, and also on the latest charges, filed in new York. In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton made 4 flights on the plane Jeffrey Epstein related to the activities of the Clinton Foundation, one in Europe, one in Asia and two in Africa. Has a record of every flight, about employees, beneficiaries of the Foundation and the secret service on Board. He had one meeting [with him] in the office in Harlem in 2002, about the same time he paid a short visit accompanied by assistants at the apartment Epstein in new York. He had not spoken with Epstein at least 10 years and was not on the island of little St James, neither Epstein ranch in new Mexico or his home in Florida.

Statement on Jeffrey Epstein. pic.twitter.com/98ha9YYd1l

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