Russia summoned the U.S. Ambassador over Washington’s refusal to issue visas to members of the delegation to attend the UN General Assembly meeting

Russia was summoned to Moscow by U.S. Ambassador John Huntsman in protest against the unacceptable refusal of Washington to issue visas to members of the Russian delegations to the session of the UN General Assembly.

«Washington is violating its international obligations because it is not a bilateral visit, and the visit of the UN…» — said the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

In Moscow reported that 10 members of the Russian delegation that participated in the binding of the UN General Assembly in new York, has not issued visas.

In response, Huntsman was summoned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, but he was substituted by the Deputy.

Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the head of the Ministry Sergey Lavrov will raise the issue in conversation with the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in new York. She, like her counterpart, Dmitry Peskov, described the U.S. actions as a violation of international obligations.

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«This is an outrageous example of disrespect by the United States members of the United Nations, as well as failure to comply with its obligations as host country of the world organization,» wrote Zakharova in Facebook.

Said agencies, I duplicate here. A number of members of the official Russian delegation has not received a us visa for…

Maria Zakharova Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 24 september 2019

The US Ambassador Jon huntsman announced that he was leaving his post on 3 October for the start of the gubernatorial campaign in Utah.