Trump, Putin, Lukashenko and Boris Johnson receive the Nobel Prize for COVID-19

Trump, Putin, Lukashenko and Boris Johnson receive the Nobel Prize for COVID-19

The ceremony, which is held online at Harvard University, presented 10 Shnobel awards for achievements in physics, psychology, economics, medicine, as well as peace and awards for achievements in other fields. The winners received a paper cube and a 10 trillion dollar bill. Zimbabwean dollars. According to the organizers, «The Shnobel Prize is awarded for achievements that make people laugh and then think

In the field of medical education, the award “for using the COVID-19 pandemic to teach the world that politicians can influence life and death more strongly than scientists and doctors” were shared by Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Boris Jones, Alexander Lukashenko, and the leaders of Brazil , India, Mexico, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

The organizers appreciated the efforts of the leaders of states in the fight against the new dangerous infection. The head of the White House has been repeatedly accused of spreading false information about COVID-19. In addition, Trump deliberately downplayed the danger of the virus, says Washington Post editor Bob Woodworth in his book Fury.

Boris Johnson's cabinet has staged a risky experiment on the British in an attempt to develop herd immunity. The authorities later admitted that the refusal to introduce quarantine in the country at the beginning of the pandemic was a mistake — and nevertheless sent the British home to self-isolate.

Putin was accused of hiding the true statistics of deaths and diseases of COVID-19.

Lukashenka unsubstantiated that no one in Belarus will get sick and will not die from the coronavirus. In addition, this is the second Shnobel Prize awarded to the current President of Belarus. In 2013, the Shnobel Peace Prize was jointly awarded to Alexander Lukashenko for banning public applause, and the State Police of Belarus for arresting a one-armed man for applause.

The Turkmen authorities solved the problem by banning the word «coronavirus».

The prize was also awarded for research on vibrating earthworms, French kissing, alligator hums, frozen feces, and daffodil eyebrows.

The Peace Prize was given to the governments of India and Pakistan for the fact that their diplomats rang each other's doorbells in the middle of the night and ran away before anyone answered. The management prize went to five Chinese contract killers, who assigned each other a contract. Each hired killer subsequently hired received a lower percentage of the royalties, and no one actually committed the murder.