The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

A very interesting situation has developed in the world today, and this does not mean the confrontation between America and Russia — this confrontation over the past 100 years no longer surprises anyone, because there were times when this struggle was waged much more fiercely than now, and much more so. Therefore, the current sanctions from the United States and threats from Russia are simply nothing. This does not lead to some kind of global catastrophe — neither economic, nor political, nor military, nor any other at all.

Much interesting things are happening behind the scenes of world politics and economics, where 99% of ordinary people who read all sorts of smart analytics don’t look at all. No, it cannot be said that there are continuous secrets in this behind the scenes — there are no secrets there, go in and read everything that is happening in this world behind the scenes. But no one is interested in this, because few ordinary people can grasp in their minds one global problem, in comparison with which the problem of sanctions and threats between the United States and Russia is a mere trifle.

So, what is happening today? really happening in the world?

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

In fact, what is happening in the world today is not America’s struggle with Russia, but with China. Bribes from Russia are easy, and America has long known that it is simply impossible to cope with Russia as a state. Over the past 100 years, the American elites, on whom all major world processes depend, have behaved evenly towards Russia, without trying to escalate relations. Americans can perfectly predict Russia's behavior in any situation, and this behavior has never posed any fatal threat to them.

But the only thing that terrifies the United States today is China. America is accustomed to the fact that China has always been inert and controlled. At first it was controlled by the West, then by the USSR, which always tried not to escalate the situation and kept China in check. Then China quarreled with the USSR, but very quickly fell under the influence of the West in general, and the USA in particular. And the American ruling elites believed that China, under their economic control, would be as accommodating as before.

But 30 years passed, and suddenly it turned out that peaceful China suddenly turned into a very dangerous dragon, literally. Russia has not influenced China for a long time, so the United States had to deal with China, but that was not the case. America realized that it was so deeply bogged down in China that it was simply impossible to get out of its tenacious embrace. There have never been such problems with Russia and the USSR, but it happened with China. And what to do?

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

Yes, and what should America do, and along with it, what should the whole West do? In 1980-90, the entire collective West, in pursuit of super-profits, transferred almost all of its industry (with the exception of military and critical industries) to China. Yes, there were transfers of American and European production to Mexico, India, Thailand and other “underdeveloped” countries, but in very small quantities. But it was in China that a very able-bodied population and a more or less intelligent workforce was discovered, which could be paid 10 times less than an American and European worker.

But that was not the main thing. The main thing was that Mexico, India, Thailand are “democratic” countries, and therefore dangerous for the smooth conduct of business. But in China the communists ruled, who literally kept all 1.5 billion Chinese under a tight rein; this primarily attracted Western industrialists. In general, China turned out to be the Promised Paradise, from which billions could be pumped every day and every hour.

But time passed, and it turned out that China is not as simple as it seemed at the beginning of the whole epic. For example, in Mexico or India, all the money earned in Western industries is simply stolen, and its temporary rulers do not even think about the well-being of the state. The Chinese Communist Party never allowed such outrage; it collected profits and invested them in the practical development of the country. Less than a decade and a half later, it turned out that China had its own industry, completely independent of Western managers, and many more surprising things.

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

The most unpleasant thing for the West was that China has greatly increased its armed forces over the years, and not so much in quantity as in quality. Accordingly, the ambitions of the Chinese leadership also increased, which began a very aggressive expansion in the South China and East China Sea regarding the ownership of the Spratly and Senkaku islands, as well as Taiwan.

For all these objects, there are US obligations in one form or another, for example, the Americans promised to defend Taiwan personally, and recognized the Senkaku Islands as Japanese ones. True, the Spratly Islands have been captured by China for a long time, but the Americans are not happy with this, because these islands are also claimed by US allies — the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Thus, on all these points, the Americans, whether they wanted it or not, found themselves drawn into a practically military conflict with China.

Yes, these are still minor conflicts, but Taiwan is no longer a small thing. If China suddenly decides to commit military aggression against the island, then America will have to enter into direct conflict with China. What does this mean for America?

Do not forget that almost the entire West, under the leadership of the United States, is too much stuck in China economically. If China is forced to take military action against the United States, then all American production in China will be frozen. What this threatens America is scary to even think about.

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

Of course, China will also have a hard time, because it will lose a huge market and lose a considerable part of its income. That is, it turns out that China is also economically stuck in the West. But here we must understand that the aggressor is always more prepared for the worst case scenario than his victim, and here the victim is the West, which all these decades has not prepared at all for confrontation with China.

Yes, China will lose a huge Western market, but it also has an equally huge market in third countries, which is just as powerful as the Western one. In any case, China will not lose as much as the West. China is a manufacturer, and for it to redirect the flow of industrial products is just a matter of time, especially since this issue has been worked out for a long time. But what will the West do if it loses Chinese products? There is absolutely nothing to replace it with. Mexico, India and Thailand will not give the West the product that the West needs in huge quantities.

US economists and financiers understand this very well, but they can’t do anything. It is possible, of course, to have time to move some of the production from China to other “underdeveloped” countries, but this will not yield anything. Firstly, the translation itself will take a lot of time, and secondly, the product will become worse in quality and more expensive in price, that is, the profitability of such a transfer will be very low. That is why the West does not even consider this possibility.

The USA and China are stuck in a clinch, and Russia is simply waiting for the collective West to “raise its paws”

That is why America is raging so much, trying to scare China with sanctions against Russia. But China has long been observing America and its relations with Russia (including the USSR), and the Chinese leaders can clearly see that America cannot do anything more in this situation except waving its fists.

And if so, then you can safely take control of Taiwan, because America will never respond to this with methods that could threaten the existence of the entire West.

In other words, today you can literally twist ropes out of America as a whole, and when If all this hysteria ends, then the collective West will have to decide what is better to suffer from — from hunger and cold, which will fall on it due to the cessation of supplies of the necessary product from third countries, or from the loss of self-esteem when it turns out that America is just a “naked king”, and Russia will have to obey, which, with the help of China, will reduce the West to the category of its tributaries.