Cuomo: De Blasio will answer before God for the housing crisis in new York

The mayor of new York bill De Blasio will answer to a «higher court» for the inept Board that caused the housing crisis in the city, said on July 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to calculations by the Wall Street Journal, the objects of the office of housing (New York City Housing Authority — NYCHA) in need of repair cost of about $31.8 billion. (In 2005, the renovation of urban housing stock would cost $6 billion), About 80% of all problems associated with heating, mold, broken elevators and the prevalence of rats in the houses.

And in 2017, NYCHA was in the center of the scandal associated with lead paint. As found by the Investigating Department, for many years city administration lied about what was checked out apartments in the city to identify risks from such paint. In the end, the court ordered NYCHA to carry out the necessary checks. And one of the residents of the Bronx NYCHA has made payment to $57 million for lead in the blood of her daughter.

«You are in power, you have to take action when this happens, you need to achieve real results for people, asked Cuomo to mayor. — When we find ourselves at the gates of heaven, I’m sure God will have something to say on the matter.»

The municipality recently settled with the Federal prosecutors on the allocation of $2.2 billion over the next decade to solve the crisis, but it’s a tiny amount, to eliminate the global problem of new York.

And this week edition of the New York Daily News reported that NYCHA staff under pressure from the leadership has closed the requests for repairs if tenants were not at home. Thus they tried to reduce the number of applications not performing their obligations.

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«It’s outrageous, it’s just outrageous,» said Cuomo.

Press Secretary of mayor Eric Phillips on the attack of the Governor quipped:

«We are pleased that Governor Cuomo, obsessed with bill De Blasio, for the first time in his long political career, the attention paid to NYCHA».