Manhattan «freeze» the mansion of Russian oligarch worth $40 million

The battle between the US government and the controversial Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, which was subjected to sanctions over the fact that the Ministry of Finance has frozen his assets and arrested 2 of the mansion in new York and Washington (DC).

According to The Post, U.S. authorities believe that the aluminium billionaire is included in the circles close to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and also involved in murder, money laundering, bribery and racketeering. In this regard, Washington has frozen the assets of Deripaska in the United States, including two of the huge mansion.

His Manhattan residence is located near Central Park at 11 E. 64th St. — on the same street, where at the beginning of this year the businessman of the Ukrainian origin, Leonid Blavatnik bought a house for a record $90 million Deripaska in 2008 bought the property in the Upper East side for $42.5 million, as evidenced by the record of his ownership.

After U.S. sanctions Russian oligarch Deripaska»s property on 11 East and 64th street in Manhattan has been frozen. Bought it for more than $42M in 2008.

— Ryskeldi Satke (@RyskeldiSatke) October 8, 2018

But, despite the measures taken by the U.S. Treasury measures, Washington has made concessions to Deripaska and allowed children and ex-wife of his business partner of oligarch Roman Abramovich, not to leave his mansion.

On 6 April the US imposed sanctions against 7 Russian oligarchs and 12 companies. In this list the most important figure was exactly Deripaska is the main shareholder of one of the world’s largest producers of primary aluminium Rusal Plc., which also came under sanctions. Later, Washington suggested the businessman to abandon the company in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against her.

Deripaska has also been found in the center of a scandal involving escorts model Nastya Fish. The girl told about the connection Deripaska and the chief of staff of the Russian government Sergei Prikhodko, and provided photos of them together.

The leader of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny believes that the shot with the Fish materials are direct evidence of corruption in the Russian government.

After the scandal, the court ordered the model to pay to the Russian oligarch 500 thousand rubles for violation of the inviolability of private life of the oligarch.