Avenue of Barack Obama: more than 60 thousand people signed a petition to rename a street near the Trump Tower in new York

Soon, in the heart of new York city, right near the Trump Tower, you may see a street named after former President Barack Obama. This idea has already supported more than 64 thousand people.

«We ask you to rename the plot on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in President Barack H. Obama Avenue», — stated in the petition.

Avenue of Barack Obama: more than 60 thousand people signed a petition to rename a street near the Trump Tower in new YorkThe Trump Tower in new York. Source: flickr

Started around October of last year, the petition has recently gained popularity among people from all over the country. The next goal is 75 thousand signatures.

Referring to new York mayor bill de Blasio and city Council, the organizers claim that Obama deserves this honor because he:

  • saved the country from the great recession;
  • during his stay at the post for two terms has not been involved in scandals;
  • killed Osama bin Laden «the mastermind of 11 September, which killed more than 3,000 people in new York.»

Ironic that this step may change the address where the Trump Tower, the «Barack H. Obama 725 Avenue, New York, NY 10022». It is known that President Donald trump regularly criticizes Obama and accuses him of the problems that exist in the United States.

«I honestly started it as a joke, told Newsweek Elizabeth Rowena, the woman behind the petition. — I saw a comedian joke that trump would be mad if [address Trump Tower would be renamed in honor of former President Obama and I thought, why not.»

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Signatories to the petition argue that it would be fair.

«I love new York. Hate that fake President has done with the city. I believe that this action can significantly improve the karma of this amazing city!», commented on the petitioner on MoveOn.org.

However, the petition does not meet one important requirement: the candidate must be deceased at least 2 years before its filing. Despite this, Los Angeles has recently honored the former President Barack Obama, calling part 134 Freeway, located near the city centre in his name.