Living in a tiny house is a 35-year-old man saved $100 thousand, and intends soon to retire

Over the past seven years, 35-year-old Ryan Mitchell of North Carolina saved over $100 thousand, paid their student loans, traveled the world and started a successful business. He says it’s all thanks to his tiny house area of 150 square feet.

In 2009, Mitchell graduated from Western Carolina University with a master’s degree in human resources and 6 months later left without work.

«My boss came in and said we are closing the company. You’re all unemployed».

The man recalls that he felt helpless and realized that I should seriously look at their living expenses.

«I realized that half of their income was going to pay for rent, insurance and home maintenance».

Soon in the Internet, he found the stories about tiny houses and immediately realized that it is a decision.

The man began to save money to build a house of their own design using the information he found online (he is now a private site which helps the aspiring builders of tiny houses).

Mitchell worked a full week, and all weekend dedicated to the construction of the house.

All materials for home and solar panels cost him $30 thousand. The labor of his own — was free, except for the help of a licensed electrician and plumber.

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It took him a year and a half to build a house.

They’re pretty darn good looking. The best looking house I’ve lived in

— Ryan Mitchell (@RyanTMitchell) August 18, 2018

Mitchell says that after that, it became easy to get rid of almost all unnecessary things. He sold some, some donated, and left only the most necessary.

«I have redefined not only their homes, but my priorities and goals. I realized that things that I previously held, does not make me happy.»

Thanks to its scrupulous savings, profits from the web site and books about tiny houses as well as businesses in which he invested $20 thousand, and then profitably sold, the man saved up $100 thousand and 5 years later, when he turns 40, that he’s thinking of retiring.

«Tiny house helped me to start a business, helped me to reduce the debt. It allowed me to live life on my terms.»