A man bought an old house and found it terrible «death tunnel»

Chase Crecy from Terre Haute, Indiana, recently moved to 87-year-old house. Down in the basement, he noticed a strange passage, hidden fake wall which was a door in a spooky tunnel.

When chase found a new room in the house, then called it a «death tunnel» («murder tunnel»). In the video you can see how the homeowner from Indiana examining him with a flashlight.

Gray walls covered in wet spots and on the floor — remnants of old rubbish. Built-in shelves in a weird side branch of the tunnel empty. On the ground lies a rusty bucket.

Chase says it has discovered a tunnel during the examination of the boiler when he noticed a «strange» section of the wall.

He talked about his terrible discovery:

«We looked at the boiler and noticed a strange boarded up section of wall. We started to pick open the covering in this place, and after a short spurt opened the door. The last thing we expected to find was a spooky tunnel. Honestly, at first, I was very frightened, but now I think it’s a really cool part of the house. In any documents when buying the building was not mentioned in the tunnel and there were no photos of the basement«.

The house, built nearly a century ago, originally belonged to a wealthy doctor, who served in the First world war.

It is unclear what was used this tunnel, but a similar design in the house is often pointed to drug smuggling or human trafficking — and, as a rule, had quite a sinister history.

However, in this case there is a suspicion that hidden tunnel was used for storing coal.