The mysterious apartment in the center of the city, in which no one can enter, was sold at auction for $1

Apartment in the city center with stunning views of the river were sold at auction for £ 1 ($1.30) because no one could enter it. In addition, it is not known what is there and lived there before anyone.

Mystery apartment is located in the English Wibeke, Cambridgeshire in the building, supposedly built in the XVI century, which then served as a granary. The total area is 12 square meters, it is equipped with a single window, boarded up from the inside, and the apartment is literally no door.

Problems in access to space also adds to the fact that it is in the alley between a Chinese restaurant and insurance broker, thereby forming the arch leading into the courtyard. It is not known whether there was ever the owner of this unusual living space.

Despite its limitations, the apartment was sold at auction by the auctioneer from Norfolk William brown, with an initial indicative price of £ 100. However, the price fell to 1 lb in the last minute, and then the apartment I got an unknown businessman. The contents and condition of housing remains a mystery, as even the auctioneers were unable to obtain access to it.

District Council Fenland, who owned the premises since 1966, put it up for sale along with other «surplus real estate». The auctioneers say it was the lowest price room during their career — but the buyer will spend much more on legal services in the registration of housing repair and the condition of the apartment is unknown.

Alas, the mysterious purchase of housing is not pleased with one of the neighbors. Cliff Humphries, senior insurance brokers company Bridge Insurance Services, whose office is located outside the wall of the apartment, was disappointed with the decision of the district Council to sell a room for 1 pound. Humphries wanted to buy the premises for £ 250, and the Council accepted his offer with the condition that he will do it within 14 days and pay for legal services, worth £ 1,200.

«I don’t know who the seller is, but I would like to talk to him.» says the indignant Humphries. «He will never get access to the property through my office. I will not allow it.»

Broker purchased the building in 1989 and believes that the mysterious apartment is a part of his property. According to him, Humphries wanted to»peacefully come to an agreement with the Council over the room.»

«In my opinion, the person who bought it was stupid. Obviously, he just raised his hand at the auction and bought it for 1 pound, but now he will have to pay Council tax and £ 1,200 sterling. Not to mention the fact that the premises will be difficult to insure», — added Mr. Humphrey.