The nurse caring for patients with coronavirus, was handed an eviction notice

Claudia Mojica — assistant nurses at Kaiser Permanente in riverside (California) — cares for patients with a positive result on COVID-19.

The other day the landlord handed her an eviction notice, although she has lived in this house 11 years and have not arrested any cost.

«When he handed me an eviction notice, it just… stunned me,» the woman told channel ABC7.

She was surprised because the city of Rialto decree temporarily prohibiting the eviction for nonpayment of rent, but Claudia wasn’t even late on the rent.

In addition, according to the nurse, new to look for housing is extremely difficult given her job at the hospital and requirements of physical distancing.

«If you are being evicted, how will you move? How to hire a truck and movers with all the rules of social distancing? – said a member of the city Council of Los Angeles Mike Bonin. — In fact, if you have received an eviction notice now, it means that you put on the street».

According to Bonin, the rules about eviction in a pandemic differ from city to city in California, and it is «fucking confusing tenants.»

A moratorium on evictions in Los Angeles will end, when will local emergency, but it is unlikely that the economy will recover to such an extent that tenants will be able to quickly pay off debts.

According to Bonin, the California judicial Council will not accept evictions within 90 days after the end of the pandemic.

«The easiest way to end this mess is to tell homeowners: you can’t even give notice before the end of the pandemic,» — said Mike Bonin.