The childhood home of trump is rented for 725 dollars a day

The childhood home of trump is rented for 725 dollars a day

A little more than a year after he first appeared on the market, a modest house in Queens, which once belonged to President Donald Trump, … now for rent on Airbnb?

It seems that it is: according to the Times-Ledger, recently house for rent, at a price of 725 USD for night. According to the description, the house has 5 bedrooms and 15 beds (most of which are bunk beds), three bathrooms. «Since it became the trump not much has changed,» — said in the announcement. «The kitchen has retained its original appearance and luxurious atmosphere of the house reflects the prosperity and lifestyle of Trumps».

As reported by Curbed, the house is kept memorabilia and quotes by trump in frames, hung and placed here and there. The most impressive exhibit is a cardboard cutout of the President that was peeking out from around the corner in the living room. («He’s a great companion to watching Fox News late at night», — jokingly noted in the description).

The announcement was valid host, who uses «Childhood Home of Donald trump» as a nickname, verified, and Airbnb has confirmed the authenticity of the proposal.

As previously reported, the house was first put up for sale in July last year for 1.65 million dollars, but wanting to buy it was not. After a few months the price dropped to 1,399 million dollars, but that didn’t work either. So the house was at auction.

The final sales price at auction was $2.14 million Now the new owner seems to want to recapture the cost of the transaction: house for rent on Airbnb for $ 3,500 per month.