Homeowners vidali apartments for affordable housing program out of the lineup

Homeowners vidali apartments for affordable housing program out of the lineup

Some people received apartments in residential complex in Mitchell-Lama out of turn, according to the audit the state Comptroller new York Thomas Di Napoli.

One of the most egregious cases occurred in March 2015 when the employee Knickerbocker Village in the Lower East side got a one-room penthouse, though he wasn’t even on the waiting list.

«Project Manager Knickerbocker explained that they gave the apartment to the employee to ensure that in case of emergency, such as superstrom sandy, on the scene was officer,» reads the report.

According to the report, the list missed at least two applicants for one-bedroom apartments at Westview on Roosevelt Island, which was to get their homes more 2015.

The inspectors found that the residential complexes Knickerboker, and Westview, was not inhabited apartments.
For example, in Westview in August last year was empty 51 of 361 apartments. Some of the apartments were free for five years.

«The owner of Westview explained that since 2011, housing was in the process of privatization, and therefore 51 the apartment was left temporarily empty,» the report says. «However, the leadership of Westview are unable to explain why it approved eight new tenants who moved into a Studio apartment in 2014 and 2015».

In the office of the auditor recommended that the owner to correct deficiencies in recordkeeping, including taking «appropriate action» on the issue of tenants who got an apartment out of turn and asked him to make all the entries in the online system.

In a response dated July 17, landlord Knickerbocker stated that the audit had discovered only one case where the tenant has received the apartment without proper approval.

«But in the case in question, the management decided to give the apartment to the employee of the company for quite a reasonable cause,» the letter reads. «Senior Manager Knickerbocker lived outside the housing complex. Due to legitimate management concerns regarding the health and welfare of their tenants after hurricane sandy and the need to control major repairs weather-related disasters, the government decided, accommodation the employee on the spot — in the interests of residential complex».

Guide Knickerbocker said in a statement that they «fixed all the problems in the vacancy tracking system».

Guide Westview has not commented on the situation, according to DNAinfo.