A resident of new York contracted meningitis from a tick

A resident of new York contracted meningitis from a tick

About the grip being to person, seeing this arthropod, immediately went to the doctor. But, unfortunately, not always. The mites themselves are harmless, but they can be carriers of deadly diseases, especially if time is not a to identify.

It happened to a resident of Staten island.

A resident of new York contracted meningitis from a tick

Di Vandenburg told the newspaper the Staten Island Advance, he did not even know that she was bitten by a tick until I felt unwell. The discomfort turned into excruciating pain, numbness of the face, nausea…

When the woman went to the doctors at Staten Island University Hospital, she was diagnosed with «spinal meningitis». The disease developed as a complication of tick-borne encephalitis (Lyme disease), a carrier which was a tick.

Meningitis the spinal cord is virtually identical symptoms and consequences of meningitis of the brain. But regardless of type is extremely dangerous, the delay in starting treatment, as in this case, can develop a number of serious and often irreversible complications, e.g. deafness.

According to Di Vandenburg, she lives in Wolfe’s Pond Park, where many deer, and because of this – and a lot of ticks. Six of her friends these in the summer, too was bitten by the bloodsuckers.

Dan Donovan representing Staten island in Congress, urged their constituents to always check yourself for ticks after outdoor recreation.

Donovan is also co-author of the bill, according to which the programme will be developed that allows people to send photos of ticks and their bites in the Center for prevention and disease control. And in response to consultation with physicians about the next steps that should be taken.