As I didn’t get to study in Harvard

As I didn’t get to study in Harvard

In any case, is in any case not anti-advertising. It’s an honest story based on their own experience. I would be glad if my failure will help someone to get through.

About this program the first time I accidentally found out five years ago. And it fired right up — mine!

The program is called Made in NY. And when there is a dense support of the mayor of new York, as a real aid intended for the poor, those who cannot or do not want to go to school, but must work to survive. Taught there on several fronts:

— free to pass on the right, during training you will learn not only how to drive and understand the road signs, you tell me, how to write a CV, behave in an interview, will introduce the basics of the most common computer programs and more;

— assistant producer — Yes, this movie is shooting videos and TV series, reality shows and so on, further, further.

— tuner of the television equipment upon receipt to pass math in ninth grade;

editor movie Pro effects for new video — need a little experience in the media industry.

Professions vary. I have listed the main, but usually at the interview, inform something in addition. For example, we were told about where you can take courses Creative writing free, but high quality and quite long lasting by time.

The basic conditions for practically nothing:

— 18 years at least;

resident of new York (for at least six months of living in the city);

— low income;

— permission to work in the United States.

I then a year immigrated to the United States, earning more than modest. And the need to share profits not only for themselves but also for the three children, did my earnings, if not negligible, then nearly so. And then the training program as much as an assistant to the American producer! And so simple — you pass selection, then a five-week courses and voila! — for two years the Department of film at city hall NY provides you a job in the profession. And only after 48 months inspire are sent to float freely. It is believed that two years is enough to establish a good reputation in the industry and find a decent job.

An important BUT — to get on a training program most of those assistants have to have a driver’s license. However, you can submit free driving instruction and assistant. That’s what I did.

#TBT to Cycle 48’s graduation last week! We hope you all are doing well in your internships. Best of luck out there!

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And, of course, flew in all directions. On all types of courses select the best. I don’t know what is meant by «best» in this case, because of the number of my friends, plus I took one to five people flew whistling past all the programs.

I filled out the form very honestly said three children and a decent experience in journalism in Russia (American the same I did not, but we know that in the USA appreciate exactly local experience). I reasoned this way: experience working as a newspaperman in Russia no relation to filming in the United States has not, he is completely different. Why is it important that the lady that conducted the interview with us, said that the experience in this industry for more than two years automatically knock you out of the program. They say that after two years in the industry you know enough to dispense free programs and himself to seek work.

— Experience in another country counts! — she pinned us with the eyes at the end of the phrase. — Experience is experience!

Now I think about that experience it is better to remain silent. Particularly useful in the United States, he is not, but to prevent it may.

My friend Faith had filled out the paperwork completely different — no children, no experience, right there, and triumphantly looked at me:

— When I get there, I will drag you!

By the way, people who are applying it to the program, the heroic — the five-week courses start at 7:30 in the morning and end at six in the evening. And so five days a week. Salary (this year it has grown) from 12 dollars an hour. The working day is not normalized, but 12 hours, the schedule is not like this is the name of the assistant is made to the database, access to which has a television. Employers can call you at 12 at night and ask — and if you can go to work tomorrow at seven in the morning, you can get two days without a chance to sleep at home and so on.

Initially, the work is not creative. For example, you can put eight hours in the car in the Parking lot, so you kept the place. Unequivocally that the first year you will be ACE Parking vans — on them in the morning, you will gather a film crew, and a day to deliver the equipment. Make coffee for the boss, to buy toilet paper… Yes, Yes, Yes, while everyone on the set will do the art, you have to stand next to. Reminds of the joke about the plumber and aircraft.

While taking the training (attention!) less than 10% of the total number of applicants. That is about competition almost like in Harvard I am not joking. To go about training you have to pass three interviews. One more difficult than another.

Cycle 45 Mock Shoot Day

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All five of them we have filled in the questionnaire differently. Someone had a driver’s license, someone not, someone had children, and someone she was a charity case, someone who was as free as the wild wind… But flew by as plywood over Paris all the same.

Four of them immediately refused from the further struggle, including myself. But Faith decided to fight. Still time to apply for the program through six months. She gave, as she said, «taking into account all previous mistakes.» The fact that submitting the documents, you simply specify information about yourself, and also write three mini-essays: why is this program, where do you see yourself in a couple of years, and what attracts you in this work.

Faith wrote all three essays at home. In them, she painted herself literally Khokhloma. And learned about the program from those who took it and waited for the day H. the First thing she wrote in the essay was: «I checked the reviews about your program on Facebook from those who have already graduated from this program! Incidentally, none of them works in the profession! You chose the incorrect people! And I’m not. I in two years will have, as a minimum, an indispensable assistant producer, and then producer I will.»

Even Faith had taken into account the error on the savings. The programme is designed for the poor, but feeding her documents, never write that you have a penny in your account and in your pocket. «And how are you going to live these five weeks, until last study, and then a month until then, until you find the first job and get my first paycheck?» — think about you employers and take.

Remember, at the beginning of your studies, you must be available 24 hours a day. Work can only be a nights or weekends that given the tight academic schedule, it is almost impossible. Even if you have a tiny work half day on Saturday, do not specify it just in case.

In General, it took the second time too. In the coming days it will go to storm this Bastille for the third time.

Learn about where, when and how are the first interviews (the ones where you will be asked about the three essays) on the Internet. Do not be confused there is one footnote — «special attention is given to those wishing to from 18 to 24 years». Something tells me that it is not only in age. But what exactly I don’t understand. I would be glad if you’ll come through and let you know. Well, Vera will finally get them for their persistence, and then we’ll tell you about it I am.