Thousands of passengers sleeping on the floor of the airport Puerto Rico

Thousands of passengers sleeping on the floor of the airport Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico for the first time in 85 years was on the path of powerful hurricane of the 5th category. This resulted in an inevitable humanitarian catastrophe. One of the frontlines of the crisis found in the main airport of the capital San Juan.

International airport in Carolina Luis Munoz Marin Marina thousands of passengers desperately trying to get out of the storm-ravaged island.

Airlines, which canceled dozens of flights over the last week, on Sunday resumed commercial flights in America. Passengers are waiting in long queues inside the terminals, which are not air-conditioned.

Right now, hundreds of Americans are siting or sleeping on the floor of the airport in San Juan Puerto Rico. No cots. No snacks.

— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) September 25, 2017

«It’s like the end of the world,» said Andrew Arteaga, who spent five nights at the airport with his wife , Marget Mendez and 8-month-old daughter Isla.

The family tried to return to orange County, California, but several flights Delta Airlines was cancelled. In the end, the airline will offer free flight United. Now they are waiting for your flight.

«Sweat dripping down his body. They don’t even give us water, – complained the man. – Nothing good will come of it».

The queue of passengers stretched nearly the entire length of terminal B. in Order to save at least a little from the heat, some use fans or pieces of cardboard. Mother watered sweaty babies ‘ heads.

We will remind, popular singer Jennifer Lopez is looking for his family in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.