The new York police accused of ignoring immigration

The new York police accused of ignoring immigration

Immigration and customs service (ICE), the United States filed a request to several agencies in new York, so they continued to keep under arrest the five detained immigrants before arrival of staff of ICE. In all cases, the request was ignored, the aliens released.

Such local services like the NYPD, remand Queens Central Booking, criminal court kings County and the Department of corrections of Westchester County got the requirement not to release immigrants who are under arrest. But the requirement was not met in connection with the law of new York, which was signed by mayor bill de Blasio on November 14, 2014. Following his decision, the police has the right not to submit the documents of aliens in the Federal immigration Agency.

The new York police accused of ignoring immigration

According to ICE, in spite of ignoring the request, they managed to arrest all five men. They are in custody pending proceedings in immigration court.

It is learned that from October 2016 to September 2017 ICE filed 1023 request to the police Department to detain illegal migrants who were detained. All requests were ignored. For comparison, in the period from October 2015 to September 2016 of such requirements was only 80.

According to Thomas Decker, Director of the office of new York’s compliance with immigration law (ERO), ICE now pays special attention to the arrests of immigrants suspected of criminal violations, considering that they constitute «the greatest risk to society.»

Director of the legal Department of the immigration coalition of new York , Camilla, the Broker believes that the actions of the ICE disrupts the trust between the government and communities of foreigners. «Immigration should not be used as a method of criminal punishment. We already have a system designed to handle criminal complaints, and the immigration laws should not come into contact with her,» said the Broker.

26 January 2017 President Donald trump signed an order restricting Federal funding of cities of refuge, including new York.

«The stroke of a pen in Washington will not change the people of new York or our values,» said mayor de Blasio in response to the action of the administration.