What amount of candy on Halloween could be deadly

What amount of candy on Halloween could be deadly

Sure everything is ready for traditional hellouinskaya: «trick or treat». It is important to remember that too much quantity of sweets can kill.

The good news is that you need to eat well, just a huge dose of sugar for this to become deadly.

What amount of candy on Halloween could be deadly

According to The Wall Street Journal, scientists used a test called the LD50 (lethal dose).

«This is the average dose of a substance that causes the death of half of the members of a tested population,» says toxicologist Hans Pleij. «Roughly speaking, you take 10 rats, feed them something, and if five of them die, you have determined the LD50».

For sugar test also works, however, with a discount on your physical condition, age and weight of the person.

But let’s take the average parameters. So, according to the Center for control and prevention of diseases, the average adult American weighs about 182 pounds. In a conventional candy – about 9.3 grams of sugar. According to scientists, you need to eat to 5.4 pounds of sugar (about 262 candy) that dose was fatal.

I hope this amount of candy neither you nor your children.

To find your personal «sweet deadly dose», multiply your weight in pounds by 13.5 and then divide the result by the number of grams of sugar in one candy. This will show you after how many candies should stop. You and healthy Halloween!