American airlines launched the longest flight in the world

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United Airlines to launch 18-hour scheduled flight between Los Angeles and Singapore. It will probably be the longest flight in the world.

Friday, October 27, Chicago, the airline officially announced the beginning of regular flight LAX-Singapore United. The length of the route, uniting 2 different continent, is 8 700 miles. It’s not the longest distance in the world, which overcome the regular flights. For example, the aircraft plying the route Doha-Oakland, which operates the airline Qatar Airways, overcomes 9 032 miles, and Dubai-Auckland – 8 819 miles.

United launches longest nonstop flight from U. S. soil — an almost 18 hour stretch

— Forbes (@Forbes) October 29, 2017

But the scheduled time is a new flights LAX-Singapore United will be 17 hours 55 minutes, which is 15 minutes longer than the route Doha-Oakland. Thus a flight on this route was the longest in the world.

The flight will carry jet passenger plane – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which can accommodate from 250 to 330 people.

«The 787-9 United Airlines provides unique opportunities to run long routes with a low density of traffic that we could not achieve without that specific aircraft,» said Patrick Quail, Vice-President of United International for international planning.

Recall that the passport of Singapore became the most powerful in the world. This means that the people of this country can visit the large number of States without obtaining visas.

United Selling Seats on Newly Launched LAX-SIN (18 Hour Flight) for $177, Saver Level Mileage Awards

— PointMetothePlane (@PointMe2Plane) October 30, 2017