7 creepy stories that actually happened in America

7 creepy stories that actually happened in America

When you put off a book by Stephen king or see the final credits of the film Hitchcock, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and even laugh at the fact that scare you, because it’s fantastic.

But the real world is scarier than we can imagine. Especially in honor of Halloween: here is a collection of seven creepy storiesthat actually happened in the United States in recent years.

7 creepy stories that actually happened in America

The Death Of ELISA Lam

In the last times ELISA Lam was seen on 31 January 2013 at Cecil hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The girl was vacationing on the West coast and documented the trip in his blog, and every day communicated with parents, as these calls suddenly stopped – Eliza is gone.

In February, the police Department of Los Angeles has published a video surveillance camera in the Elevator of the hotel, which was lifted Eliza up to his disappearance. The girl is behaving strangely, talking to invisible people, peeks around the corner, crouches, opens and closes doors. Theories ranged from psychosis to obsessions or conversation with someone who does not hit the frame.

Around the same time, guests began to tell me about strange things happening with the water supply. As reported by CNN, the hotel was talking about black water, on the water with a disgusting aftertaste that is hard to describe.

On the morning of 19 February, the staff climbed onto the roof to check the water tanks. It was there that it was discovered decaying, naked body of ELISA Lam. The strange thing was that the roof was equipped with alarms and a door with a complex lock.

If that’s not enough for you, here are three facts: in the 1980-ies in a single room of the hotel Cecil lived serial killer Richard Ramirez. In the ‘ 90s – another serial killer, Jack unterweger. In 1962, the resident jumped from the hotel window. Died and she and the pedestrian.

Obsession in Indianapolis

The exorcisms are of Latoya Ammons https://t.co/xIBDIBa93j pic.twitter.com/X7cfrE5XSm

— IndyStar (@indystar) October 30, 2017

In 2014, the Indianapolis Star published an article about a family that terrorized the children allegedly possessed by demons. And it’s not just fiction-grubbing sensationalism journalist – the article has links to the 800-page police report, doctors and other professionals.

According to them, the children said the unnatural voice. 12-year-old girl during the «enlightenment» told psychiatrists that someone invisible periodically holds her by the throat, and she can’t speak and move.

Valerie Washington, the service Manager of care services for children, told me that saw a 9-year-old woman’s son walked on the walls and ceiling, then jumped down and landed on his feet.

Mass suicide in Utah

Fear of a pending apocalypse drove Benjamin and Kristi Strack to kill themselves and their children. pic.twitter.com/spceT9e8rJ

— Pete Southcombe (@mr_pastry) February 1, 2015

In September 2014, a teenager from Utah returned home and found his parents and three siblings dead. In a notebook his mother, Kristi Stark was a regular to-do list, but no suicide notes, no indication that the family intends to kill himself.

About a year the police had nothing to go on, — said The Salt Lake Tribune. Later investigation concluded that the children’s parents feared the»coming Apocalypse», and was obsessed with the killer from Utah, Dan Lafferty (the man said he killed his daughter and her one year old daughter on the orders of his brother, which was allegedly a revelation from God).

Christy Stark with her husband before the tragedy visited Lafferty in prison.

Calls out of nowhere

7 creepy stories that actually happened in America

In 2007, the family of Kuykendalls from Washington state began to receive hundreds of terrifying calls to mobile phones. The caller said, in what is dressed the family members, what they do, threatening to cut their throats.

It rang day and night for several months, passed to ABC News. The police were powerless to do so, tracing calls, it became clear that they are doing themselves… with mobile Kuykendall. Even when the mobile was switched off.

Terrible calls stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

The observer from new Jersey

7 creepy stories that actually happened in America

Moving to your dream house worth 1.3 million dollars, a family with children of new Jersey began to receive letters from an unknown person.

He called himself «an Observer», — reported by CBS News, wrote that «the house decades belonged to him, and now they wait for his second coming».

«Have you found out what is in the walls of the house? I am glad to have learned your names and the names of the young blood that you brought me», — was stated in the following letters. In the end, the family just ran away from home, and then sued the previous owners.

Missing girl in North Carolina

#BREAKING A fourth woman named Abby Patterson has gone missing from Lumberton, North Carolina after 3 other woman were found dead in the same town. pic.twitter.com/hK8tHRCSzw

— Ozzie Espinosa (@OzzieEOfficial_) October 6, 2017

On the morning of 5 September 2017 in Lumberton, North Carolina, 20-year-old Abby Patterson told his mother that he would return in an hour, sat in an old brown Buick… and never returned.

In Lumberton (population of 22 thousand persons) from April already discovered three dead bodies of young women, all approximately the same abandoned house.

After the first two cases, the journalists interviewed local people, including 28-year-old Megan Oxendine. It Megan soon became the third victim of the unknown or unknown. As for Abby Patterson, while she is still considered missing.

In each other’s arms

What an end to the search for two missing hikers at @JoshuaTreeNPS #JosephOrbeso #RachelNguyen https://t.co/YbNozutkxu pic.twitter.com/XTy6Yt3eUk

— Brooke Beare (@BrookeCBSL2) October 16, 2017

The last time the 21-year-old spouses of California Joseph and Rachel were seen on July 27 in National Park Joshua Tree. Later they appeared in their apartments reserved through Airbnb, and then the native have sounded the alarm.

For several months, the rescue workers and volunteers combed the Park, but no sign of the guy with the girl was not.

And in mid-October, a group of rescuers caught in a remote canyon of the body that was hugging each other. It is believed that Joseph, who had a gun, first killed Rachel, and then shot himself, as they died from heat and dehydration.

It remains a mystery just why in 100-degree heat, the pair went to a remote area of the Park without a telephone, why they didn’t leave a suicide note. To shed light on these issues no one.