The most interesting edible records new York

The most interesting edible records new York

New York on Thursday ready to set another record, which can be listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The Green Giant retailer will try to cook a casserole of green beans weighing about 600 pounds at the Italian restaurant on-site Macy’s Herald Square. According to the press-Secretary of the Green Giant, this will require 780 jars of green beans, 53 cans of mushroom soup, 32 quarts of milk and 65 pounds of French fried onions.

The most interesting edible records new York

As reported by AmNewYork, the official weigh-casseroles will be held on Thursday at 8:20 am. Later food will distribute two thousand elderly new Yorkers.

In case of successful completion of the event, it will not be edible the first record in new York. Here are some of the most interesting ones in recent years.

The longest line of hot dogs
In 2016, the company Nathan’s Famous celebrated its 100-year anniversary, laying out a continuous line of record 1916-five hot dogs at Grand Central Terminal. The length of the resulting chain – 958 feet, which was more than the previous record set in Tokyo – 846 ft.

The largest number of candles on the cake

In December last year, a resident of Queens Ashita Furman decided to immortalize the memory of his spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy. In his 85-th birthday of Furman assistants lit 72 585 candles on a giant cake. The candles burned for about 40 seconds, after which they extinguished with a fire extinguisher. The previous record belonged to Los Angeles, where in April 2016 on the cake lit «only» 50 151 candle.

The world’s largest collection of boxes from under a pizza

Scott Wiener calls himself a «professional pizza enthusiast». In his apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, is 595 boxes of pizza from 42 countries. And Yes, this is a world record.

Most acute in the world of peppers, eaten in a minute

In April 2016 in Greenpoint Jamaican Wayne Algenio eaten in a minute record at the time of 119 grams of the hot pepper world the Carolina Reaper (the pepper is 300 times sharper than a jalapeno).

The record of Algeria lasted until November, while a California resident not eaten in 60 seconds 120 grams of «Carolina Reaper».

The most expensive soufflé in the world

If you don’t happen to know where to spend the extra $ 2500, you can buy the most expensive soufflé in the world in the restaurant Petrossian. It is topped with gold leaves, and used in the manufacture of cognac worth about 4 thousand dollars per bottle.

The largest number of sandwiches made in one hour

In may 2013, the Museum of Sea, air and space Intrepid (in Manhattan), a team of volunteers manufactured for the hour record 2706 sandwiches, breaking the last record in 1660 sandwiches.

By the way, the food is not wasted – it gave the organization City Harvest, which fed the poorest residents of new York.