In Brooklyn the children do free tests for lead

In Brooklyn the children do free tests for lead

Disturbing reports of lead poisoning are increasingly coming from different regions of the United States. Contact with heavy metal is especially dangerous for children under 6 years of disastrous affecting their brain and nervous system.

Unfortunately, are more at risk and younger people of new York, with dozens of hundreds of local houses still preserved the paint is lead-based. It was used for finishing works in all buildings built before 1960. Last month it became known that the office of housing over the years has not tested the safety of old apartments. The consequences of this negligence deprived of health 2-year-old boy from Brooklyn, whose mother recently filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court in Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn the children do free tests for lead

To eliminate the possibility of poisoning and not to repeat a similar fate, all children under 6 years are recommended to undergo tests for substances in the blood. From December this year until the end of January in Brooklyn this can be done for free. The local children attended in the emergency room of crown heights, at 555 Lefferts Avenue.

Examination you can go from 8:00 to 22:00 on weekdays, from 16:00 to 23:00 on Saturdays and from 9 until 22:00 on Sundays.


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