American blogger apologized for taking video of dead man

American blogger apologized for taking video of dead man

Star YouTube harshly criticized after he released a video of the so-called Japanese «suicide forest».

Logan Paul – 22-year-old American video blogger, entertainer and actor, who has two YouTube channels about 20 million subscribers. In the New year’s eve, 31 December, Paul has posted one of his latest videos, which, to put it mildly, was not liked by the majority of users of social networks.

The shooting happened in the forest of Aokigahara, which lies at the foot of mount Fuji on the Japanese island of Honshu. This area is considered the second most popular place in the world to settle scores with life. In the woods even post signs encouraging people to seek medical help and not to take his own life.

In the videos garnered 6 million views, Sex with friends, having a small distance into the forest, find a human corpse. The operator removes the body close up, but viewers saw footage not for the faint of heart, with a «blurry» face.

One of the members of the group during shooting, admitted that «feels good». Then Paul said, «You’ve never stood next to the dead?» Then he laughed.

According to the BBC, commentators have called the video «disrespectful» and «disgusting.» Although some have argued that Paul helped to raise awareness of people about this sensitive topic, but in General the comments were negative. Some even demanded that the entire channel blogger was removed from YouTube.

At the moment only deletes the video, and Paul apologized for his behavior in front of all the other members and shocked people.

«I’m not supposed to post this video, I had to lower the camera down… Many of the things I had to do, but I didn’t. And for that from the bottom of my heart I want to apologize,» he said in a video posted on the channel, Logan Paul Vlogs.