De Blasio announced the installation of new tools to combat terrorist attacks

De Blasio announced the installation of new tools to combat terrorist attacks

On Tuesday, new York mayor bill de Blasio announced the installation about a thousand of sidewalk barriers on the streets. The city Council in mid-December, voted for the bill 1658А. These structures will protect residents and guests from potential road terrorist attacks and drunk drivers.

The installation of the bollards will begin in late January. They protect not only passersby, but also Cycling paths. Thin, metallic, cylindrical shape, they will replace more massive concrete barriers. In times Square there are already similar blockers. But until March they will be temporary in nature.

The city plans to spend on the barriers about 50 million dollars. Authorities conducted an inspection of the bigger streets, major attractions and iconic locations. They stopped on ten of the busiest areas of new York. Here, set the interlock.

«We know that around the world and even tragedies occur. It is terrible when a car crashed into pedestrians. We will do everything we can to protect people. Through these barriers will not be able to drive any car,» said the mayor.

We will remind that 29-year-old Saifullo Saipov at the end of October 2017 on the SUV deliberately drove into the bike path and had killed eight pedestrians in Manhattan. In addition, injured eleven people. In may last year at times Square Richard Rojas drugged made arrival on pedestrians. As a result one person was killed and 22 were taken to hospitals with varying degrees of severity.