Trump reduces the penalties for the neglect of older patients

Trump reduces the penalties for the neglect of older patients

Institutions to care for patients who require constant care, such as after operations, trauma or myocardial infarction, have requested a change in the Protocol of imposing penalties on the program of Medicare. Such patients who receive care each day, according to statistics of the resource TheRubins there are about 1.3 million people.

Introduced Barack Obama sanctions against institutions, where patients receive less adequate medical attention, was faced with the rude attitude or even due to unskilled actions of specialists of the clinics were at risk, was reviewed by the administration of President trump.

Trump reduces the penalties for the neglect of older patients

The reform carried out throughout the year, removed the need to impose fines in many situations, and even in some cases with a lethal outcome. For most institutions, monetary penalties are now also less sensitive.

Opinions on this decision was divided, some lobbying for the administration’s position, and someone said that it may lead to more frequent precedents of negligence.

Dr.Kate Goodrich, Director of clinical standards and quality centers services Medicare & Medicaid services, said that excessive regulation is the main problem that health care providers raise in the dialogue with officials.

«Instead of efficiently spending time with their patients, doctors are spending it on compliance with the rules that prevent caring for the sick, not raise the quality of assistance provided to them,» said Goodrich.

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At the same time, according to The Times, about 6 500 homes received at least one penalty for serious violations from 2013, and about two-thirds of them were fined by Medicare.

Human rights defenders providing assistance to residents of nursing homes and patients in private clinics, saying that the weakening of the penalties threatened by the leveling of the existing progress in preventive measures.

Janet wells, consultant, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, told the source that changes occur because «some flagrant violations and injury of citizens will not be tolerated now — finally — at a level that attracts the attention of the industry and remains a simple expenses of doing business.»