East Village offers cafes, where you can go with a dog

East Village offers cafes, where you can go with a dog

Any dog owner will agree, that his heart breaks when you need to choose to take your dog with you on a special walk or to leave the pet at home to go to a coffee shop with friends.

To relieve the breeders from the pangs of conscience, this month in East Village (195 Avenue A) opens a cafe named Boris & Horton, which bills itself as the format of «dog-friendly«to welcome not only two-legged guests and their four-legged companions.

Future shop does not aim to become the counterpart of a cat café, where animals live in the institution. Instead, dog lovers can come here in the company tailed companions to try dishes fully vegetarian menu, treat yourself to a sugar cookies in the shape of dogs, and buy something new for yourself or your dog, for example, dog bandana, leash and a baseball cap. In the evenings, Boris & Horton will also serve craft beer and wine, and on weekends there will be special eventsin which stray dogs will be able to find a new home.

Another nice bonus, according to owners, will be a photo booth with costumes, where visitors will be able to do some extraordinary photos with their Pets.

Logan Mali and his father, Coppi Holzman called his café in honor of their dogs, mixed pit bull, Boris and Terrier Horton. Father and daughter have long wanted to open an indoor snack bar where they could spend time with their Pets without fear of penalties for violation of sanitary regulations from the health Department of new York.

On the website Boris & Horton says this cafe will be the first «dog-friendly» establishment, approved by the Department of health. Technically, Boris & Horton is regarded by the authorities as two separate spaces: a small coffee shop will be adjacent to the store for Pets, and the cafe and the shop will have its own entrance. Customers will be able to move freely between these halves, ordering the Goodies at the coffee shop and being located at one of the tables in half with the shop.