Digest Week I 20-q & a

Digest Week I 20-q & a

Came the weekend, which means it’s time to take stock of the week. In fact, some of its events I want to forget as a bad dream, but the truth will not run away. Unfortunately, the main theme of late has been bloody tragedy in Florida, where the whole country is now on tenterhooks.

But there are also good and able to bring a smile. For example, the American team at the Olympic games proved that the best snowboarders live in the United States.

So, week 20 short questions and succinct answers 20:

1. It’s been nine days since the start of the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang. How many US medals?

Just 9.

5 gold:

Digest Week I 20-q & a  2 – slopestyle (men and women),

Digest Week I 20-q & a  2 – chappal (men and women)

Digest Week I 20-q & a  1 – slalom (women);

2 silver:

Digest Week I 20-q & a  1 – Luge (single male),

Digest Week I 20-q & a  1 – short track (men 1000m);

2 bronze:

Digest Week I 20-q & a  1 – chappal (female),

Digest Week I 20-q & a  1 – figure skating (team competition).

2. What, then, place the States on the amount of gold?

At the moment they have Canada has 5 medals. Ahead of them Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. But at the same time, Canada has more silver and bronze than the United States.

3. In the Florida school shooting occurred. How many victims?

Killed 17 people, including 14 students, and another three – football coach Aaron’s Face, athletic Director Chris hixon and geography teacher Scott Bagel. At least 15 people were taken to the hospital.

Thus, the shooting took second place in the number of victims over the past 6 years after a similar incident in elementary school Sandy Hook in Connecticut. Then, in 2012, 20-year-old Adam Peter Lanza shot and killed 20 children, 6 adults and himself.

4. What is this Florida school?

High school Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Broward County. There studies more than 3.2 million children and worked with 130 teachers.

Digest Week I 20-q & a

5. As the attack occurred?

Around 14:12 the shooter drove to his former school on Uber. His face hid the mask, and with him he brought a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition and smoke grenades.

To lure students from classes in the hallway, he activated the fire alarm. And a few moments later, at 14:21, he began shooting. Incidentally, hours earlier, the school has sounded the same alarm, but it was an exercise.

The school announced the evacuation, some children and teachers began to hide by class, under their desks, in cupboards and in the back rooms.

NEW: Photo from a student in the school barricaded in a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High where an active shooter incident is underway pic.twitter.com/rBVrENjtCM

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) November 14, 2018

«Photo of the pupil, which barricaded in the classroom high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas, which now is shooting»

But the assailant had gotten to them, too – he walked around three floors of the school and opened fire in five classes. Was done about a hundred shots.

6. What happened after?

The shooter left a gun and ammunition in the stairwell, mixed with the crowd and left the building at 14:28. He then went to Walmart, bought a drink at Subway and went to McDonald’s. Police arrested him about an hour. The teenager did not resist.

This photo of the suspect was just provided to me by a member of law enforcement. Cruz is wearing his ROTC shirt. #Parkland #NicolasCruz pic.twitter.com/A0WeEhCfaP

— Josh Cohen — ESPN West Palm (@JoshCohenRadio) February 15, 2018

«This photo of the suspect I just provided one of the law enforcement officers. Cruz wears a t-shirt with the emblem of the Case of training of reserve officers»
7. What is known about the gunman?

His name is Nicholas Jacob Cruz, 19 years old. In childhood together with his biological brother Zachary was adopted by a family of Cruzes. Few years foster father Roger died of a heart attack in November 2017 died and the foster mother Linda, from pneumonia.

After that Nicholas and Zachary moved in with a family friend in palm beach. But soon Nicholas returned to Broward, where he lived in his friend’s house and his relatives. There he got a job at the Dollar Tree store and attended educational classes for adults.

Digest Week I 20-q & a
Nicolas Cruz.

Nicholas was very overwhelmed by the death of Linda. Also he was diagnosed with autism. As stated by the mayor of Broward County BIM Ferret, Cruz some time received psychiatric care.

The teenager, a former pupil of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, where last year he was expelled due to discipline problems.

Nicolas Cruz was a member of the civil organization of the Republic of Florida, which is fighting for the «white policy» in the state.

8. What’s his motive?

It is not yet known.

9. Where did he get the gun?

Rifle AR-15 he bought last February. The weapons were stored in a locked cupboard in the family home of his friend, but Nicholas had the key.

While still in school, he was trained in the Case of training of reserve officers (ROTC). Sometimes the teenager was shooting at the neighbor’s chickens and steal someone’s mail.

Nicholas led the two profiles in Instagram, where he posted photos of firearms and knives. Now they are removed.

The killer’s Instagram account should have raised the alarm.
What is Dept.Homelamd Security doing?#Parkland #Florida #NikolasCruz pic.twitter.com/ZwHiWrdGpY

— TRUMP’S ARMY (@TrumpPotus_45) February 14, 2018

«The killer’s profile in Instagram was supposed to be a cause for alarm. What does the Department of homeland security?»
10. What will happen to Cruz?

On Thursday held the first hearing in his case. Nicholas was charged with 17 cases of intentional murder. During the investigation, Cruz was appointed imprisonment without the right to bail. It is likely that he will bring a death sentence.

Florida High School Shooter, Nikolas Cruz, Makes First Appearance in Court; Public Defenders Call him a ‘Broken Human Being’ Who Understands the Magnitude of his Actions’ https://t.co/AWqAl9oW9q pic.twitter.com/mQvTv7ux3P

— BCNN1 (@bcnn1) February 16, 2018

«Arrows from high school in Florida, Nicolas Cruz, first appears in court. Public defenders call him a «broken man» who understands «the magnitude of their actions»»

The defense insists that Nicholas is suffering from a mental illness and he has a problem of brain development. The death of the victims he was «saddened».

11. Could have prevented the attack?

Most likely. It turns out that in early January, the hotline, the FBI received a call from a friend of Cruz’s warning that Nicholas was plotting a mass shooting and he has a weapon. But the Bureau has not transferred this information to the Department in Miami.

And in September 2017, the FBI asked the YouTube user Ben Bendit, who said that his video a Nicolas Cruz left a comment: «I’m going to be vocational school shooter.»

The next day, agents from the Department in Mississippi was found by Bennita and asked if he knows the commenter. Receiving a negative reply, they made a copy of the screenshot of the comment and was no longer associated with Ben.

12. What are the consequences of the tragedy?

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Senate discussed the issue of tightening gun control. The chamber was divided into two camps: those who are in control, and those who are against it. Among the last of the Senator from North Carolina Larry Pittman and Senator from Alabama will Ainsworththat offer to arm teachers.

I will be introducing legislation allowing teachers to undergo firearms training and arm themselves during school hours. As the parent of three public school students, I believe we must act now in order to prevent another tragedy.https://t.co/xfMifkIzaB

— Will Ainsworth (@willainsworthAL) February 15, 2018

«I will propose legislation that will allow teachers to study the firing of firearms and to arm themselves during the school hours. As a father of three children, I believe that we must act now to prevent another tragedy»

Digest Week I 20-q & a In the neighboring schools have received threats from copycats Cruz.

Digest Week I 20-q & a A teenager from South Carolina published on Thursday in Snapchat your photo in the mask, with a gun in his hand and signed: «Round 2 in Florida: tomorrow.» His house raided by the police, and sweep a search and found a mask and an air rifle. Teenager taken to the police station and charged with harassment.

Digest Week I 20-q & a Due to «security threats» all the schools Nutley, new Jersey, were closed on Friday.

Digest Week I 20-q & a The education Foundation Broward (Broward Education Foundation) has started a fundraiser to help the victims and families of those killed in the shooting. One day 18.5 thousand people donated more than $1.1 million.

13. What’s the argument about the dead Russians in Syria?

February 7, supporters of the regime of Bashar al-Assad attacked the former refinery «El ISBA», which settled the rebels – the Syrian democratic forces. The staff were employees of an international coalition.

The attack was not successful: group of soldiers came under fire from the coalition, headed by USA, and were eliminated. Among the victims are Russian citizens.

Before an air strike, coalition representatives have informed the Russian side. She replied that would not be to fight with the coalition. This was stated by the Colonel of the U.S. armed forces Thomas F. vail.

Important point: the situation is seen through the eyes of the representatives of the coalition, which considers the firing of self-defence.

But Ministerstvo of defense believes otherwise. The militia of the Assad regime did not commit the attack on the plant, and conducted reconnaissance and search operations to destroy the terrorists. Suddenly they began to fire mortars, MLRS and helicopters.

The actions of the militia did not agree with the commander of Russian task force. And Russians among victims were not. This version of the Russian Federation.

14. How many victims? And, after all, were there Russians?

The Russian defense Ministry counted 25 wounded, among which appear only by the Syrians. The Pentagon doesn’t mind that there were no Russians.

But the media have put forward many versions about the number of dead Russian citizens: from 11 to 300 people. There is an assumption that they were mercenaries of the private military company «PMC Wagner.»

On Thursday representing the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that may have died five people who can be citizens of Russia or may not be. She mentioned the need for careful review of the facts and stressed that «we are not talking about Russian soldiers».

15. The relationship between the U.S. and Russia flared up again?

It looks like it. The theme of the intervention of the Russians in the presidential elections was discussed again louder, two Russian hackers were sentenced to prison, the Russians issued visas three times less in the US than before. Friendship is not called.


Digest Week I 20-q & a In the United States started criminal proceedings against 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies, which were charged by the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. The list included «Putin’s cook» Eugene Prigogine, allegedly sponsored the «farm trolls.»

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Federal court of new Jersey recognized two Russian citizens guilty of using hacking programs to steal data from the computers of financial institutions, retailers and payment operators. One of them, Vladimir Drinkman, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Second, Dmitry Smilence, for 4 years and 3 months.

Digest Week I 20-q & a The already mentioned Maria Zakharova said that the number of visas in the USA who approve of the Russian citizens has decreased threefold. And to blame the American side.

#Zakharova: the Solution to mass clean up workers visa site, took the Americans themselves. We understand with a specific political purpose – to increase the barriers to obtaining visas and to cause dissatisfaction with the decision of the Russian authorities

— Russian foreign Ministry 🇷🇺 (@MID_RF) February 15, 2018

#Zakharova: it is outrageous that because of U.S. visa restrictions continue to break many trips, including within business, cultural, scientific, family and friendship ties. The impression that Washington is opposed to the Russians traveled to the United States

— Russian foreign Ministry 🇷🇺 (@MID_RF) February 15, 2018

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Deputy of the state Duma Mikhail Degtyarev proposed that city hall be called a dead end near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow North American. The official finds in the symbolism.

Digest Week I 20-q & a
Google Maps.

Digest Week I 20-q & a In a controversial investigation of the «Fund of struggle against corruption» Alexei Navalny, one of the defendants «scheme» is billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

He allegedly paid the Floor Manafort for «private briefings» about the election campaign trump. The information he, according to Navalny, Putin passed through the under Dmitry Medvedev , Sergei Prikhodko.

16. Wife of Donald trump Jr. was hospitalized. In its place was to be her husband?

In theory, Yes, because on the envelope that revealed Vanessa, a recipient is «don». Inside was a white powder, which daughter-in-law of the President started coughing. She was taken to the hospital. Now Vanessa.

The envelope came from Boston. New York police called it the contents of the safe and sent to the lab. There revealed that the powder is corn starch.

Thank you so much for all the help today in NYC! I appreciate all the quick response to make sure that I was safe ! Thank you @FDNY @SecretService @NYPDnews @NYPDCT @NewYorkFBI

— Vanessa Trump (@MrsVanessaTrump) February 13, 2018

«Thank you so much for all the help extended to me today in new York! I am grateful for the quick response to make sure that I’m safe! Thank you Fire Department of new York city, U.S. Secret service, the NYPD, the Bureau of the NYPD counter-terrorism and the FBI in new York»
17. White powder sent not only «don»?

True. In 2017, his younger brother Eric also received a letter with white powder. There was still the threat.

This week, a similar envelope was delivered to 13 European embassies in Moscow: Dutch, French, Romanian, Czech, Bulgarian, Polish and others.

But they contained a substance is harmless as starch. It was the pesticide fipronil, remedy fleas and ticks and also for locust control. This time no one was hurt.

18. The Congress received a budget plan from trump. Than it is remarkable?

Digest Week I 20-q & a Its goal is to present the political priorities of the President in 2019.

Digest Week I 20-q & a Budget – $4 trillion.

Digest Week I 20-q & a The document is drawn up taking into account the growth of the U.S. economythat is projected in the near future.

Digest Week I 20-q & a The main items of expenditure: the military, the border wall with Mexico, the struggle with opioid dependence and improving infrastructure.

It’s budget day on Capitol Hill. 2019 President’s budget plan is out. pic.twitter.com/UMU88hRxjl

— Craig Caplan (@CraigCaplan) February 12, 2018

On Capitol hill today is budget day. Came out of the budget plan from the President in 2019.
19. But if with numbers?

Digest Week I 20-q & a military expenditures – $686 billion ($80.1 billion more than last year);

Digest Week I 20-q & a the fight against opioid addiction – 17 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a the wall with Mexico – $18 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a employment and the maintenance of an additional 2,750 employees of the border service + agents ICE – $782 million;

Digest Week I 20-q & a the financing of medical services for veterans, programs for the homeless, assistance in adaptation and vocational rehabilitation – $85.5 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a infrastructure improvements – $200 million;

Digest Week I 20-q & a the beginning of the program to privatize missions to ISS – $150 million.

20. The funding institutions trump intends to reduce?

Digest Week I 20-q & a Department of state – from $55.6 billion to $39.3 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a Ministry of transport – from $19.3 billion to $15.9 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Ministry of agriculture – from $22.7 billion to $19.2 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Ministry of housing and urban development $48 billion to $41.2 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a The Ministry of education with $66.9 billion to $63.2 billion;

Digest Week I 20-q & a Agency for environmental protection – c $8.2 billion to $6.1 billion.

In addition, Donald trump is offering to replace half of monthly cash benefits for the poor on food packages and to raise fees for airline passengers.