How often women are guilty of mass shootings

Over the past few years, the US has shaken a whole series of terrible tragedies in which killed hundreds of people. As a rule, the persons involved in these crimes used a firearm, which in America can afford almost everyone in the country. The days of «cradle of democracy» again stirred up shooting in a public place, more specifically, in the headquarters of the company Youtube.

The culprit of the crime, owing to which gunshot wounds were got by three persons, was an ardent defender of animal rights Nasim Najafi Aghdam. Staging a fire in the office Youtube, the woman tried to take revenge on the company for the unjust, in her opinion, the filter policy. In the end, Agdam ended his life by shooting himself.

The FBI has noted that large-scale tragedies of this kind, a woman rarely finds himself in the role of hero. In the period from 2000 to 2016 by the Agency was recorded 220 crimes classified as «mass shooting«. Only in nine of them as the attacker was made by the representative of womankind. In 2017 , the FBI counted 28 the above mentioned cases and none of them the woman is not the culprit of the crime.

A series of studies exploring this issue, argues that men are by nature more aggressive and more prone to stress and therefore supposedly resort to such acts of violence. However, candice Batton, Director school of criminology and criminal law at the University of Nebraska (Omaha), sees this phenomenon in a different light.

In her opinion, the main reason for this separation is that men are more likely to blame their failures on outsiders. To admit their own mistake for representatives of a strong half, so sign of helplessness. Instinctively the man was not ready to take that step. According to Batton, women, on the contrary, blame in most cases themselves. Because of this, they are much less likely to splash resentment and negativity to strangers.