New York has banned circuses with wild animals

New York has banned circuses with wild animals

Yesterday, on June 21, the city Council of new York voted to ban circus performances with wild animals: elephants, lions, tigers, bears, giraffes and so on. The voting was 43 for 6 (for and against).

«The act was intended to leave the animals live in their natural habitat, not in cages, and will protect them from the inhuman methods of training,» said the Board member who promoted the bill, Rosie Mendez (D-Manhattan). According to Mendez, it will also protect people from animals that may be dangerous.
Opponents of the law claimed that it was a special «pittance» influential groups for the protection of animals, which made large donations during the promotion of the bill, writes the Daily News.

So, a member of the Board of Denik Miller (D-Queens) said that the performances of the UniverSoul circus, which uses animals are the primary source of funds for Roy Wilkins Park in St. Albans. In addition, the circus creates more jobs.
«I know the situation in the circus personally and can assure you that the animals are treated very well,» said Miller.

The law will come into force not earlier than next year. The UniverSoul circus Manager Ben Johnson said that he does not know, if they refuse all of the performances in the city, or change their format.

«The public came to the conclusion that animals in circuses are victims. New York took an important step to stop this outdated entertainment, and we encourage other cities and States to follow suit,» said Brian Shapiro, state Director of the Human Society of United States.
«Be careful, the Bronx zoo, you’re next» — ironically remarked city Council member Andy king (D-Bronx) — one of six who voted against.