The child helped the strange boy at the match, and this photo touched people from around the world

If you believe that the digital age deprives children of sympathy and compassion, this story will most likely change your opinion. Because it is, fortunately, not about another shooting in school, and about a touching moment of kindness shown to a complete stranger.

It all happened a week ago in Seattle (Washington) Seattle Seahawks stadium during the game of the local football team.

8-year-old Donovan Show were watching the game together with other members of his football team, little League, when suddenly I saw a crying boy. Donovan didn’t know him, but, without hesitation, jumped from his seat, pulled the child to her, hugged her by the shoulders and asked if everything was okay.

As it turned out, the boy came to the game with his father, who, making his way to places at some time, lost in the crowd. Donovan talked to the boy, telling him about the players until they came to the father of the child.

Donovan didn’t know that he was being watched, not to mention the fact that the pictures of. But Chelsea Burke, who was sitting behind the guys, was so impressed by the act of the boy that he could not resist and took a picture.

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Posted by Chelsea Burke on Thursday, August 30, 2018

«We are accustomed to human callousness, so to see this was like a breath of fresh air,» said Chelsea.

The woman told the story at Facebook, posted a photo that turned Donovan into a real Internet hero.

The boy did not believe that did something heroic. «I just felt sorry for him. Said that everything will be okay, because when people are sad, they need help,» said Donovan.