The Internet is outraged by the act of a mother who filmed her 10-year-old son doing it

September 24, user storm Harrington (Harrington Storm) of the Bellefontaine (Ohio) posted on Facebook a video in which a 10-year-old boy named Skyler doing the tattoo. This post quickly became viral and has collected about 1 million views.

A man, apparently familiar with the people on the video, was outraged by the behavior of the child’s mother, who filmed the events, and also her friend, whose hand sat the boy.

«It’s not old enough to know what he wants, or to make such a decision. Do you worthless parents,» wrote storm.

According to the Dayton Daily News, the Bellefontaine police Department received calls from all over the USA from people concerned about the welfare of the boy. Lieutenant Rick herring told News Center 7 that immediately after the first treatment, law enforcement officers went to the house to check the condition of the child. According to police, the boy told the officers that he wanted a tattoo.

Under the laws of Ohio to tattoo a child without parental consent is illegal.

The boy’s mother was not charged, but the case was referred to the municipal Prosecutor’s office. Management of staff to ensure the well-being of children has also opened an investigation against the family.