Mark Milly will head the joint chiefs of staff

On Thursday it became known that Donald trump will invite the Senate to the post of Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Mark Milly. It is not yet clear whether this means an early exit from this post General Joseph Dunford, appointed in October 2015. Without a special decision of the Senate he should stay in his chair until October 1, 2019.

The name of the successor to the highest-ranking US General is often announced in advance. Although declaring candidacy mate for a whole year, trump might be due to early replacement.

Reports: Trump Will Nominate Army Gen. Mark Milley As the Next Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

— Task & Purpose (@TaskandPurpose) December 7, 2018

Army General mark Milly was born in a military family, who fought in world war II, he served in the Persian Gulf and in Afghanistan, headed the staff of the US army. Known statements that fully support the position of the trump of the seriousness of the US threats to Russia and China, warned about the catastrophic magnitude of a possible war in North Korea. In April, the Senate Millie played for the speedy modernization of the U.S. army, the allocation of funds for the purchase of new weapons and technologies, as well as new scientific developments. Such posts he shares on Twitter:

#FuturesCommand will synchronize efforts among the ACOMs and across the cross-functional teams to advance six of the Army’s modernization priorities. The Army’s modernization strategy has one focus, to make Soldiers and units more lethal to win the nation’s wars, then come home safely.

— Army Futures Command (@armyfutures) November 14, 2018

General up to this time avoided the discussion about domestic policy, but now, perhaps, he will have to comment on the use of troops on the border with Mexico and other politicized issues.

On any serious differences of the Chairman of the Committee Joseph Dunford Donald trump is not known, but he was appointed by Obama and can be seen by the White house as the legacy of the past President.