Paterson authorities claim that Jamie Lowry died of meningitis

Officials of the city of Paterson, new Jersey, told the media that Jamie Lowry, whose death triggered massive protests, was suffering from a severe form of meningitis and other diseases. His death occurred from these diseases, and not from the alleged police abuse.

Jameek Lowery was paranoid and pleaded with police for help. He died two days later.

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the 27-year-old Jamie Lowry was meningitis and necrosis of the intestine. Meningococcal disease is a severe and sometimes fatal disease. Officials insist that the death occurred on Monday, could be because of these diseases. The district attorney said that the autopsy will show the true cause of death — drugs, disease or something else.

A MAN IN NEW JERSEY WENT LIVE WHILE BEGGING FOR HELP FROM LOCAL OFFICERS AT THE NJPD. TELL ME HOW this man, who was not physically hurt while at the station, TURN UP DEAD 3 HRS LATER. Live ended at like 3 he ain’t get to the hospital till 6. He died at the hospital! #JameekLowery

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We will remind that on Saturday, Lowry went to the police station and asked for water, his mouth was foaming. But the cops refused to give him water and called the ambulance. Then, despite the resistance put Lowry in the car of doctors and there his power was kept until he reached the hospital. The video took place at the door of the plot leaked and caused an uproar among the local population, who accused the police of brutality.

There’s a rally in Paterson tonight for Jameek Lowery who died after posting a video at Paterson Police Heaquarters two days earlier. @northjersey

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Writes PIX 11 earlier, before the arrival of the police, Lowry went to the hospital, where he said that overdosed on ecstasy and asked for help, but he refused. Severe diagnoses were put to him this weekend when he was in the Regional medical center of St. Joseph, Sam Lowry may have about their illnesses was not known.

Therefore, doctors recommend that anyone who had physical contact with him, undergo a medical examination. The infection could be transmitted through coughing, saliva, and breath. As reported by Paterson Times, medical checks are all the police and ambulance workers who were involved in the events.

Paterson police mace protesters at rally for Jameek Lowery

— Paterson Times (@PatersonTimes) January 9, 2019

It is unknown whether subside in outrage after the publication of this information — many were convinced that Lowry died from a beating inflicted by police in the ambulance and the denial of medical care. With the death of Lowry was left without a father of three children — two sons and a daughter.