Owners under construction in Brooklyn offers visas to foreigners willing to invest in their offspring

This year plans to begin construction of the 29-storey hotel complex Marriott in Fort Greene (Brooklyn), the owners of which are ready to offer visas to foreigners who invest in their offspring more than $1 million.

VOS Hospitality, Second Development Services, which build a luxury hotel, I want to use the American program for immigrants in which the government is ready to issue visas to people supporting and investing in United States companies. Everyone who will invest $1 million into a commercial enterprise of the United States, creating at least 10 jobs for Americans, fall under this program.

The architect was Thomas Lieser, who had a hand in projects such as Olympic Park in London in 2012 and the Museum of the moving image in Astoria (Queens).

Owners under construction in Brooklyn offers visas to foreigners willing to invest in their offspringIt will look like a Marriott hotel complex in Fort Greene. Photo by GEORGE WASHINGTON IMMIGRANT GROUP

The hotel, containing 200 rooms, conference halls, a restaurant and a fitness centre with a climbing wall, will be located at 95 Rockwell Place near the Brooklyn Academy of music. Its construction and landscaping developers will cost $36 million. The owners say they are ready to collect «worldwide» investment for the project because the area needs it.

«This project provides a unique opportunity to create an upscale hotel in the vicinity of new York’s cultural and entertainment options,» said Stephen Anapoell, managing partner at George Washington Immigration Group, reporters Commercial Observer.

First plans of building a hotel on this site appeared in 2013. At the time everybody said developing area, which in recent years has become very attractive for tourists, just needed a hotel nearby.

Located in Fort Greene sports arena Barclays Center, Brooklyn Academy of music, a cozy Park, but the closest hotel is only 800 metres away on Duffield Street in downtown Brooklyn.

«The development of hotels creates additional employment opportunities in the area,» said Tucker reed, President, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, in an interview the New York Post.