First policeman killed during the arrest of a murder suspect in Philadelphia

Friday night was fatally shot SWAT officer from Philadelphia , when he and other officers tried to arrest a suspect in the murder.

46-year-old Corporal James O’connor became the first police officer killed in the line of duty in Philadelphia. The officer was fatally wounded in the house during the arrest of a suspect in the murder, then the police returned fire.

«We just want everyone to know that this is a very sad day,» said police Commissioner Daniel outlaw. «Not only for officers, it’s a very sad day for the family, which is here and which is in mourning and still trying to understand all this now.»

In the end the shootout were injured two residents of the house, after which they were hospitalized. Two other residents were taken into custody, including a suspect in the murder. The criminal was wanted after the murder committed in March 2019.

O’connor, husband and father of two, whose son also serves in the unit, has been on the force for 23 years and for 15 years served in special forces unit. His daughter serves in the U.S. air force.

According to reports by Fox News, was spotted by officers who blocked access to the chief Prosecutor of Philly Larry Krasner to the hospital. Krasner, who sued the police Department more than 75 times, has strained relations with officers who blame him for the fact that it encourages criminals, manifests the softness to crime and demoralizing to the police Department.

«The reason I’m here is that we had a very serious incident involving a police officer. I’m not going to stand in front of the police Commissioner and to talk about the details .» said Krasner. «I’m here for the victims, for the family of the victim, for the survivors, and also just to show how much we care for our law enforcement officers.»

Last year, after six policemen were killed, the chief Federal Prosecutor in Philadelphia William Macswain made a statement in which Krasner was accused of propaganda and the promotion of «a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement» in Philadelphia.