The elderly pizza delivery man and TikTok star received a record $ 12,000 tip.

The elderly pizza delivery man and TikTok star received a record $ 12,000 tip.

The 89-year-old pizza delivery man from Roy, Utah became a TikTok star with a record $ 12,000 tip.

Carlos Valdez and his family always order pizza at Papa John's, but not because of its crisp crust. Papa John's secret weapon is the elderly courier Derlin Newey, known for his kindness and charm.

“You have no idea how much everyone loves him,” says Valdez.

Newey decided to take over pizza delivery when social security stopped covering his bills. Then the man did not know anything about TikTok yet, but he was not at all against that Valdez was filming him on camera and uploading videos to the social network. Over time, the man had an impressive army of fans of 53 thousand subscribers — and then Carlos decided to go even further.

89-year old Derlin Newey is a pizza delivery man who received a surprise delivery of his own today. A couple who got to know him from his pizza deliveries raised $ 12,000 to help him out. He had no idea. The full story runs tonight on @ KSL5TV at 6. #ksltv #goodnews

— Alex Cabrero (@KSL_AlexCabrero) September 22, 2020

Valdez invited Derlin's fans to support him financially and began raising funds for the biggest tip of a man's career. He admits that he did not expect that the result was an impressive amount of $ 12 thousand.

After visiting Derlin at his house, the Valdeses solemnly handed the man a check.

“How can I say thank you? — answered Newey, tearfully — I do not know what to say. »

“Everything went very well. — said Valdez in an interview with KSL — He needed it and I'm glad that we were able to help. We should all treat others with the same kindness and respect as he does. »

«He won our hearts.»