The United States has established the supply of scarce baby food from Europe

The United States has established the supply of scarce baby food from Europe

Due to supply chain disruption and factory closures in Michigan in the US faced a severe shortage of infant formula. To deal with the shortage of baby food in the country, President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The first batch of infant formula from Europe was brought to the States

The product arrived on a military transport plane from Germany.

Baby food was brought to the USA from EuropeYesterday, May 22, an American military cargo plane landed in Indianapolis with the first batch of infant formula from Europe. In total, about 31 tons of scarce nutrition for newborns were delivered. The cargo was sent from the American air base "Ramstein", which is located in the west of Germany in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is reported that the mixtures brought will be enough to fill more than 500,000 bottles.

For several months now, there has been an acute shortage of baby food in the United States, caused by a number of circumstances. First of all, due to the disruption of supply chains, the production of dry mixes has decreased, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a shortage of personnel. Then on February 17, Abbott Laboratories, an American chemical and pharmaceutical company, announced the recall of goods from stores and the closure of a plant for the production of baby food in Sturgis, Michigan. The cause was the death of two babies infected with pathogenic bacteria.

The Food and Drug Administration conducted an inspection, during which it turned out that the children's products were in order. Last week, it was announced that Abbott was resuming production. CEO Robert Ford apologized for the dry mix shortage and vowed to rectify the situation, saying the plant would be back in operation from early June. But before baby food hits the shelves, it will take 6 to 8 weeks.

Against this background, the supply of infant formula from Europe is of great importance. Agriculture Minister Tom Vilsack said there is still a lot of work to be done to resolve the crisis. He met the cargo plane in Indianapolis and said it was "important, but not the only step to take."

"We will continue to work as directed President of the United States and look for an opportunity to increase the number of deliveries," — Vilsack noted.

He added that the mixture that arrived in the States would cover only 15% of urgent needs. About 17 thousand children in the country will receive it. In Indianapolis, there is a center of the Swiss company Nestle, where the product will be tested for quality in the laboratory, and then distributed to American supermarkets. The company said that new batches of children's products from Europe are expected in the near future. A similar statement was made on his Twitter by Joe Biden, who announced last night the second flight with the delivery of powdered milk mixtures to the country.

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