What to look for when buying a used motorcycle in the USA?

What to look for when buying a used motorcycle in the USA?

Adrenaline, a feeling of freedom and the time saved in traffic jams are perhaps the main advantages for which many of us love motorcycles. If you're thinking about buying one in the near future, here are some details you should know before you embark on this journey.

Those who are thinking about taking a motorcycle have probably wondered at least once what its advantages:

  • you travel much faster than by car;
  • you save time, you can slip through traffic jams much easier, even when they are very crowded;
  • fuel consumption is much lower;
  • parts are cheaper;
  • investment pays off faster ;
  • reliability is higher than a car;
  • on the engine, the dose of adrenaline is much higher and the rides are more exciting;
  • on a motorcycle, you have more visibility and you can admire much better landscapes.
  • for many, riding a motorcycle is “cool”, it gives some confidence and a sense of freedom, which is good. There are also some disadvantages to consider when buying an engine:
  • you are more accident prone, the lack of safety is quite large;
  • in a traffic jam, other participants are usually not quite accustomed to motorcyclists and may not pay due attention to them;
  • there is a higher risk of illness if you do not wear the right equipment;
  • you must be in good physical shape. For example, wind pressure makes the body work harder at highway speeds, especially on a model with a smaller shield;
  • You can’t ride a motorcycle all year round: driving becomes risky in winter and rain.

You will discover many of them on the go, when you gain experience. In any case, if, despite the minuses, you still see yourself driving a motorbike and «chasing» it along the longest and most spectacular tracks in the country and beyond, then it's worth a try.

We have prepared for you some details that you should pay attention to when buying a used motorcycle. First of all, make sure that the ads you subscribe to are trustworthy, as is the site that publishes them. We are at your disposal https://www.weeksmotorcycle.com/with constantly updated offers for both new and used motorcycles.

Be careful if you buy a used motorcycle

If you decide on a used motorcycle, it is important to consider the main details that you need to pay attention to before buying it. You can start with two important things: the general condition of the engine and its documents. If the engine passes these two tests, you can invest your time further.

Check the general condition and documents for the engine

So, first of all, check that the documents for the engine are in order. Keep an eye on the chassis series, which is somewhere near the dashboard, and the engine series. They must match those specified in the documents. Otherwise, you may have problems registering your motorcycle. If the documents are in order, check the general condition of the bike.

See how well it was maintained by the previous owners, because if it has many defects on the outside, perhaps the most expensive parts inside will be just as weak. First of all, the motorcycle frame should not have bumps, deep scratches, welds (except for those made in the factory).

Another thing to look out for is the tank. Open the tank cap with a flashlight on your phone and see if there are any signs of rust inside.

After checking all these details, you can proceed to the points regarding engine consumables: tires, chain, sprockets.

Check the chain and tires

There are several ways to check if the circuit is good or needs to be replaced. The first method is to pull the chain out of the sheet. The chain must not move away from it or play with it. The second method involves checking the uniformity of the chain tension. It must not show uneven wear (i.e. have parts where it is wide and parts where it is too hard). And the third method involves using a gauge to measure the chain. Place the caliper on the chain and see if the tip of the caliper goes to the other side of the chain. If it passes, the bike will need a new chain set.

Tires are another element that wears out fairly quickly. First, check their general condition, how dull they are, whether they have cuts, large cracks. They also don't have to be very strong. To find out how old the tires are, you can read the DOT code — a series inscribed in a rubber frame and containing several numbers, the last four of which indicate the week and year in which they were manufactured. If they are over four years old, the tires lose their elasticity and grip, and their safety is quite limited and they need to be replaced.

Check the brake discs

The front and rear discs can be checked directly by hand. It is not recommended to have bumps, ditches, very high rises, streaks or wear marks. Brake pads can cause unevenness over time. It is important that the discs are uniform, straight, otherwise replacing them may entail additional investment.

Telescopes must also be straight and uneven, and check for oil leaks and the need to replace seals.

Check all motorcycle controls

Last but not least, check all signals, brake lights, lights, and anything related to the motorcycle's electrical system. Check if the engine temperature sensor, fuel gauge, horn are working properly. Also check the operation of the brakes and accelerators and the serviceability of the clutch. To do this, it is recommended to test the motorcycle by driving a few kilometers. See how easy it starts, listen to the sound of the engine, see if there are any oil or gas leaks.

We wish you a safe journey and a beautiful road!