USA in the top ten countries with the most expensive products in the world

USA in the top ten countries with the most expensive products in the world

A recent poll showed that The United States lags behind Switzerland, South Korea, Norway, Iceland, France and Israel in terms of the amount of money spent on a standard grocery basket. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The United States is in the top 10 countries with the most expensive food in the world

Where is food more expensive?

The United States ranks 7th on the high cost of products in the worldIn recent times, American consumers have felt the strong impact of inflation. Total costs in the United States increase annually by 7.5%, and some products rise in price by 20% at once. At the same time, things are not as bad in the United States as, for example, in Switzerland or South Korea. An analysis of prices in 36 countries was conducted by the British site, finding out that these two countries have the highest prices for food from the standard shopping list. It includes eggs, milk, cheese, bananas, apples, tomatoes, onions, bread, rice, lettuce, potatoes, oranges, chicken and beef.

The cost of such a set in a Swiss supermarket is $48.16, in South Korea it is $35.78, and in the USA it is $27.91. In a poll, the United States was ranked 7th. Food in the country is cheaper than in Norway, Iceland, France and Israel ($34.93, $34.22, $28.78 and $28.45, respectively). However, prices for the same food basket in Mexico, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Colombia and Turkey are lower than in America. They are $14.47, $14.43, $13.92, $13.48, $12.35, $9.71 and $8.95 respectively.

According to senior personal finance expert James Andrews, the results of the analysis did not surprise him. It is expected that countries with a higher cost of living were in the first places in terms of the cost of food, including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. In addition, the ratio of prices to the monthly income of citizens of a particular country was taken into account. For example, Mexico is one of the cheapest countries, while being the least affordable by count in the registry. The average monthly income in Mexico is $1.352, of which $62.87 is spent on food, or 4.65%.

But in the US, the percentage is only 2.1. The leader in this regard is the Netherlands, where 1.97% of monthly income is spent on food. As for South Korea, it ranks second not only in terms of the cost of the food basket, but also in terms of the percentage of earnings — 4.44. Consumers in this country feel disadvantaged. For example, one banana costs them 61 cents. Bread and chicken are just as expensive.

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