In new York may receive a free pool in the middle of the river

In new York may receive a free pool in the middle of the river

New York is surrounded by water. However, swimming in the Hudson, as in any other natural body of water city, it’s hard not to count madness. In one of the largest port districts – port of new York and new Jersey – come thousands of ships, waste water manage to get into the river, bypassing the treatment plant, and occasionally on the surface of the body of the drowned man.

But despite all this, the idea of swimming near the Brooklyn bridge, looking at the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and not pay a penny for it, still sounds nice. Moreover, it is feasible and on its implementation seven years working enthusiasts among architects, engineers and designers.

In new York may receive a free pool in the middle of the river

They see a big pool in the shape of a plus sign, which on all sides surrounded by the river. Where it takes water? From the river, of course!

Then why it’s safer to swim in than the river? The whole thing in a filter. Engineers have already thought through how without the use of chemicals to filter more than 600,000 gallons of water daily.

This amount of water enough to about 2.8 thousand people could simultaneously enjoy the pool and do not interfere with each other. It is possible not only to swim but also to sunbathe, because the deck will be enough space for sun loungers. And chairs, of course.

The idea belongs to the new York architect Dong-Ping Wong, who try to persuade their friends –Jeff Fraklin, Archie Lee Coates IV and Oana Stanescu – to join its realization.

If the project, which was named Plus Pool, raise enough money, in a big list on why new York fall in love with almost every can be used to make another point.

Concept Plus Pool already liked Joshua David, one of the founders of the nonprofit organization Friends of the High Line, which was engaged in search of the designers and raise funds for the construction of Manhattan Park, the high Line, and now is responsible for the daily activities in the Park and various technical aspects.

The amount required for the full implementation of the project is $20 million. One of the investors who are interested in this project, was the brewing company Heineken.

Her contribution to the construction Plus Pool will be $100,000 if the same number of people will sign the petition on the website thereby supporting the idea.

At the moment, the desire to swim in the pool in the middle of the river already received from 5.8 thousand peopleputting their signature.

To have to imagine how it will look in reality, you can see a 360-degree video imaging Plus Pool on the YouTube channel HeinekenUSA. The narration is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

It is still unknown where it will be built the pool, but among the possible options of locations include:

  • district Two Bridges (Chinatown, Manhattan);
  • Park and Hudson River (Manhattan);
  • Park Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn);
  • Park WNYC Transmitter (Brooklyn);
  • Park Bush Terminal Piers (Brooklyn);
  • Brooklyn Bridge Cove (Brooklyn);
  • Sugar factory «Domino» (Williamsburg, Brooklyn);
  • district St. George (Staten Island);
  • Hunters Point (Long Island City, Queens);
  • Hallet»s Cove (Astoria, Queens);
  • Governor’s island.