Ten year old boy took birth from their mother

Ten year old boy took birth from their mother

Birth — not a sight for the faint of heart. No wonder few men personally support their wives during this process. Most of us still prefer to be missing: someone makes this choice for ethical reasons, and someone simply is afraid.

10-year-old Jaden Moreau is one of those brave men who are willing to watch as new life comes up. And not only watch, but to help. The boy took birth from their mother, and saved her and her younger brother.

Ten year old boy took birth from their mother

This amazing story happened in Sulphur, Louisiana.

According to Ashley Moro, she took a shower and saw that the feet of her child is already out there. Since the birth was swift, and the position of the fetus is wrong, had to act immediately.

Came to the aid of the eldest son, he ran to the grandmother, called 911, and then went back and calmly asked the mother what he can do.

As required from the following: baby birth had slightly pulling the legs until it is completely out.

Jayden coped with this task brilliantly: he managed to calculate the force, not to hurt the baby, but to help him see the light. According to doctors, without the intervention of a boy newborn baby and mother could die.

But, fortunately, all has managed. «I’m so proud of him. I think he doesn’t even realize how important the job was done — he saved me and baby brother» — confessed to a woman in labor.