Ex-CIA agent wants to buy Twitter to ban trump

Ex-CIA agent wants to buy Twitter to ban trump

Former secret CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson wants to raise enough money to buy Twitter and ban him as a President Donald trump.

Valerie started a campaign on fundraising platform GoFundMe, writing: «If the heads of Twitter will not stop the violence and hatred of trump, then it depends on us. #Buy Twitter #ban trump». Valerie added that trump’s tweets «hurt the country and people».
Its goal is a billion dollars, but so far managed to collect only 15 thousand.

Ex-CIA agent wants to buy Twitter to ban trump

As told to the Associated Press , the press Secretary of the White house, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, such a low result proves that Americans like the presence of the President of trump on Twitter.

«Her laughable attempt to ignore the first amendment is the only explicit expression of hatred and intolerance in this case,» said Sanders.

Wilson wrote on the GoFundMe page that she hopes to raise enough money to buy a controlling stake of shares in Twitter Inc. If money is not enough, it «will explore options to purchase a significant stake and defend this proposal at the annual meeting of shareholders of Twitter».

However, according to the Associated Press, a controlling stake in Twitter is now worth almost 6 billion dollars. But the share bought in a billion, will make Wilson the largest shareholder and give it the opportunity to influence the company.

The representatives of Twitter has not yet commented on the situation.