The killing lottery winners

The killing lottery winners

By law, the winners of the lottery are required to participate in mandatory press conferences, and their names should be published.

This is done in order to convince the doubters that «everything is bought» as well as that to disrupt the jackpot really everyone can.

The killing lottery winners

But the appearance sometimes threatens newly minted millionaires a lot of trouble and even risk to life.

According to the Associated Press, police stepped up patrols in Massachusetts, at the house of Mavis Vanik. Recall, Mavis on Wednesday won the second largest jackpot in the history of American lotteries — about 758,7 million dollars. Vanik chose a one-time payment, including taxes amounted to 336 million dollars.

«Police car parked near her home,» says Michael Wilk, police officer of the city of Chicopee, where she lives the winner. «We want her to know that we are nearby.»

Wilk said that journalists and just some random people «occupied» the house Wanchic, knocking on doors, asking others here if she lives.

But if Mavis Vanik all curious reporters and other as yet a mere inconvenience, for some Americans the lottery win turned into a death sentence. Here are just three such tragic history.

2006. Abraham Shakespeare wins $30 million lottery. Two years later it refers to «financial consultant» Doris Moore, which gradually transfers his money. «He finds out about this and threatened to kill Doris, but before she kills him,» says Fox News attorney J. Pruner.

2012. 46-year-old Urooj Khan from Chicago wins the lottery a million. A few days later the man dies from a lethal dose of cyanide. Five years after his death, the perpetrators are never found.

2015. Gregory Burch, Jr. wins the jackpot in 434 thousand dollars. Two months later a man is killed in his own home , seven people in masks. They were later condemned.