Registration of a residence permit in Slovenia

April 24, 2023

Getting a residence permit in Slovenia: reviews, personal experience of clients Slovenian residence permit remains relevant for many Russians even this year. This country is attractive, first of all, because it is on a steady economic upswing against the background of the ups and downs of other states that attract the attention of foreign citizens. In the reviews on the migration portal, they note that obtaining a residence…


Texas is America’s most cowboy state

April 18, 2023

cowboys who know how to perfectly master weapons and overcome great distances on horseback, and also an excellent place for tourism with a varied cuisine and many types of entertainment. Amusement rides and playgrounds, including those intended for children, attract not only indigenous Americans, but also foreign guests. And the local cuisine is replete with Latin American recipes, which are loved by the sharpness and richness of the taste of…


TRP in Kazakhstan: who is issued and how to apply for it

April 10, 2023

RVP (temporary residence permit) in Kazakhstan is a document that allows a foreign citizen to legally stay in the territory of Kazakhstan for a certain period. To obtain a TRP in Kazakhstan, you must contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the migration service. To obtain a TRP, you must provide a number of documents, such as a passport, a medical certificate, documents confirming the…


Perseverance, honesty and passion: Vadim Glozman and his recipe for a stellar career as a criminal lawyer

April 4, 2023

Since starting his legal career, Vadim Glozman has certainly become a well-known figure in federal and Illinois and several other state courts. The way Mr. Glozman handles criminal cases and defends his clients has earned him a reputation as a formidable "white collar" criminal defense professional. He provides excellent legal representation to both high-profile individuals and regular clients facing even the most serious federal charges. What is the basis of…


Buy an apartment through an agency or without the help of realtors?

April 3, 2023

Real estate agents are often criticized, they say, it is not difficult to sell/buy a good apartment, if you approach this issue responsibly. But we fundamentally disagree. There are many stories when it is realtors who help save time or carry out a complex transaction. We have collected the main arguments for and against to make it easier for you to navigate. Transaction security guarantees Unfortunately, there are a lot…


Miami — millions move here

March 28, 2023

Florida has become a wildly popular relocation destination over the past decade, as has Texas. About a thousand people a day relocate here, at least that's what the media writes in the headlines for the last 3-4 years. Read today in USA.ONE Magazine: Why Miami is so livable From climate, politics and taxes to prices and entertainment. Climate «Sunshine state» — so nicknamed Florida because of the 300 sunny days…


Why is it more profitable for US employers to hire foreigners?

February 23, 2023

Many US companies prioritize foreign companies when hiring candidates, open a work visa for them, and subsequently request a Green Card for them. These companies include even the world's largest corporations: Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Disney and others. And not all vacancies for foreigners go to IT specialists. For example, Walmart, a well-known supermarket chain in the US, often hires accountants from other countries. Why is this happening? Are there really…


Where Harry Potter rests in Florida

February 21, 2023

No, this is not a fictional character invented by JK Rawlins, but a real one a person with the same first and last name. He lives in the sunniest, most orange, most swampy, most «alligator» state, located in the southeastern United States. Florida is rightfully considered a «retirement» state, because. many American pensioners-millionaires have chosen these places. Florida is second only to Hawaii in life expectancy in the US. Show…


Railroad between two oceans

February 17, 2023

Approximately 160 years ago, much of Canada, the second largest country in the world, remained unexplored and uninhabited wasteland. Historian Pierre Berton writes that in those days, «three-quarters of the population lived on farms that were far apart» and «traveling long distances was incredibly difficult» because of the terrible roads. And it was not always possible to travel along rivers and lakes, because for about 5 months a year they…


US investigates over 500 UFO sightings

February 15, 2023

The US military has no explanation for the many sightings of unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon said Jan. 12 that some of these «unidentified aerial phenomena» (UAPs) exhibited «unusual flight characteristics» and require further analysis. In particular, we are talking about 171 recently assessed observations. This is stated in the new Pentagon report to Congress. The paper talks about 247 new observations since March 2021. In addition, 119 other events…